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PHOTOS: 2016’s Hottest Female Olympians Ranked By Adult Site Searches

1. Aly Raisman

2. Michelle Jenneke

3. Federica Pellegrini

4. Ellen Hoog

5. Darya Klishina

6. Jaqueline Carvalho

7. Kassidy Cook



9. Amber Hill



10. Francesca Piccinini



11. Zsuzsanna Jakabos




12. Elina Svitolina



13. Garbine Muguruza


14. Natasha Hastings


15. Son Yeon Jae


16. Jacque Carvalho


17. Shelina Zadorsky


18. Ning Zetao


19. Marcel Nguyen


20. Mariana Pajon


21. Paige Spiranac


22. Olga Safronova


23. Ashton Baumann


24. Alex Ranghieri


25. Pita Nikolas Taufatofua

Roger & JP’s TOP 10 Places To Meet Women

#10 – In Your Apartment Building Or Condo

#9 – At A Bar

#8 – Through Your Mom

#7 – Wedding

#6 – Commuting

#5 – Dog Park

#4 – Gym

#3 – Grocery Store

#2 – Through Friends

#1 – Work

WATCH: Bridgehampton Girl Wants To Join Boy Scouts

15-year-old Sydney Ireland from Bridgehampton, has wanted to be a Boy Scout for as long as she can remember.

Sydney has been an unofficial cub scout with her older brother wants to get an Eagle Badge, however she’s not being allowed in the Boy Scouts.

Here’s her story:

WATCH: Olympic Female Gymnasts 1950s vs 2016

A lot of things have changed since the 1950s and the Olympics are no exception.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of female gymnasts from then and today.

PHOTOS: Olympic Golf Course Looks More Like A Zoo

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio has seen its share of bad press.

With a bunch of the world’s best golfers not participating, now there are stories of all sorts of animals and birds including Capybaras (pictured below), mini crocodiles, monkeys, and boa constrictors have been found all over the golf course.

The course that will host Olympic golf is located between two large lakes and on the edge of a nature reserve.

Roger & JP’s TOP 10 Athletes Who Died Before Their Careers Were Over

Sponsored By College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!

#10 – Dražen Petrović

#9 – Reggie Lewis

#8 – Steve Prefontaine

#7 – Thurman Munson

#6 – Payne Stewart

#5 – Brian Piccolo

#4 – Pat Tillman

#3 – Roberto Clememte

#2 – Dale Earnhardt Sr.

#1 – Lou Gehrig

WATCH: Meet Tony Greenhand Professional Joint Roller

Tony Greenhand is a professional joint roller.

He’s 26 and lives in Albany, OR where.  He says he’s “considered one of the best joint-rollers in the world.” Here’s some of his work from his Instagram page.

This one is called a Smokemon GO!

He recently got paid $7000 to make a life-sized smokeable AK-47.

Check out his story here.

WATCH: Man Unfortunately Sounds Exactly Like Herbert The Pervert From ‘Family Guy’

Even if you’ve only seen a few episodes of “Family Guy” in the 15+ years it’s been on TV, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Herbert the Pervert.  Just in case you haven’t, here are some of his funnier moments.

We now take you to Knoxville, TN where the owner of the Blue Cove Hideaway has run into trouble because of two recent drownings due to what authorities have called the quarry unsafe and poorly operated.

Meet Charles Womack.

Womack, is the owner of Blue Cove Hideaway was interviewed on the local news about the incidents and as you’ll discover quickly sounds almost [More]

Roger & JP’s TOP 10 Things Today’s Teens Have Never Used, But Their Parents Have

Sponsored By College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!

#10 – Typewriter

#9 – Encyclopedia/Dictionary

#8 – Cassette Tapes/8-Tracks

#7 – Paper Map

#6 – Library Card Catalog

#5 -Phone Book

#4 – Beeper

#3 – Floppy Disk

#2 – Dial-Up Internet

#1 – Rotary Phone/Pay Phone

WATCH: Man Survives Crazy Multi-Rollover Crash Caught On Camera

A Florida man is counting his blessings today after he was somehow pulled out alive by Good Samaritans from his demolished car after it rolled over multiple times.

The insane crash was caught on a nearby business surveillance camera on Friday afternoon in DeLand, FL.



200 items
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