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Goodbye Crue

Via; Members of GUNS N' ROSES, JUDAS PRIEST, GREEN DAY, DISTURBED, SEETHER, SUM 41, MINISTRY, ESCAPE THE FATE, ANTHRAX, BUTCHER BABIES, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, and even smooth-jazz saxophonist Kenny G, share memories and say goodbye to MÖTLEY CRÜE in the eleven-minute clip from Louder Noise below:

Dave Grohl Gets Lemmy Motorhead Tattoo

Dave Grohl is on record saying Lemmy is the “King of rock ‘n’ roll,” and now he’s given the dearly departed Motörhead frontman a tribute that rocks as hard as he lived.

Grohl told fans he was left gutted in the wake of Lemmy’s passing on Dec. 28. “We’ve lost a friend & legend. My heart is broken,” reads a post sent out in his honor. “RIP Lemmy. Born to Lose, Lived to Win.”

Tattooed #davegrohl from the #foofighters last night hella cool dude A photo posted by royaltattooz (@royaltattooist) on Dec 29, 2015 at 1:11pm PST

If you already have a Motorhead tattoo, now is the time for that touch up.

Giants Fan Dives Into SF Bay For Home Run Ball

Joe Panik pads the Giants' lead with a two-run home run as a fan leaps over the railing to retrieve the souvenir in McCovey Cove. Action starts at 39 seconds.

How Rockstars Celebrated Christmas

Ozzy rocked a knitted sweater.

Mike Portnoy got a new amp.

Bon Jovi put on a show!

Black Sabbath got a new hat.

Jimi Hendrix's Twitter account made an ornament we want for next year.

Zakk Wylde had a knockout time for X-mas.

ZZ-Top wished us a Hairy Christmas.

Joe Perry spent it with the kids.

Paul Stanley relaxed at home with the wife.

And Dave Mustaine got a box of Red Vines. A really big box of red vines.

Christmas Lights Rock Metallica

If your Christmas doesn't have enough metal moments, you might need to take a page from the most awesome house on the block this year. Check out these lights sync'd to Metallica! Metallica Christmas LightsRockin' Xmas(Υπερπαραγωγή)Posted by 96.9 Rock FM on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Russian River Crossing

When the river overflows, who you gonna call? The guy who owns construction equipment, that's who. This is one intelligent, dangerous and crazy way to escape a flood. Nobody tell their insurance company!

Motley Crue’s ‘The Dirt’ Movie May Arrive in 2016

Will Mötley Crüe‘s "The Dirt" memoir finally reach theaters in 2016?

Vince Neil told Las Vegas Magazine: “Making music and making movies is two different things. We’re involved in it, but … we just got a new script about three or four months ago, the rewrite of the old script, and it’s way, way better. It’s such a great script,” said Neil. “This movie should be out in the summer of 2016. It does stay pretty close to The Dirt, so if you’ve read The Dirt, it’s really something to look forward to.”

Director Jeff Tremaine has been promising that “Ultimately, it’s going to be a great movie.” Here's hoping he's right!

The Day The Beatles Hit The AirWaves

It was Dec. 17, 1963, and the U.S. hadn't been hit by the wave of new music that is The Beatles.

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Before their legendary appearence on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964,  Carroll James of WWDC in Washington, D.C., played a Beatles record on the air waves after a DC teenager had mailed in a request to WWDC to hear the Beatles December day in 1963. He wasn't the first to do so, but it was the first time the band took off.

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 “I wrote that I thought they would be really popular here, and if [James] could get one of their records, that would really be great,” said Marsha Albert, who made the request in '63. After a quick play of “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the phones lit up and the song was an instant hit, prompting Capitol Records to release the single in the U.S. the following week, and it would reach the No. 1 spot in Billboard on Feb. 1, 1964 for 11 straight weeks.

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Bill Burr Never Got Star Wars Mania

Please don't hate me, but I've NEVER seen Star Wars. People ask why I don't now, but Bill Burr hits it right on the head. If I didn't see it as a kid, why bother?

Ian Paice Thinks a Deep Purple Rock Hall Induction Might End in Violence

Deep Purple has FINALLY been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Though it might be too late for the band to enjoy. Drummer Ian Paice​ paints a hard reality!

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200 items
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