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Watch this cute dog blow bubbles in her water bowl

A  Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, man noticed his husky having fun playing in her water  bowl in May, and captured it on video.

Kent Duryee said in a Facebook post he was grilling outside in the company of his Siberian husky, Maya.

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"I was smoking a couple of baby back racks while Maya softly blew bubbles in her water dish," Duryee wrote, adding that his other Siberian husky, Pearson, was a little confused by what Maya was doing.

"Pearson doesn't get the whole bubble thing but he's keenly interested in the ribs," Duryee wrote in the May 31 post.

The Facebook video has been shared over 19,000 times and has over 960,000 views on YouTube.

Watch the cute clip below:

I was smoking a couple of baby back racks while Maya Duryée softly blew bubbles in her water dish. Pearson doesn't get the whole bubble thing but he's keenly interested in the ribs. (PS: Siberian Huskies, NOT Malamutes :-) )Posted by Kent Duryée on Monday, May 30, 2016

Dog excitedly reunites with owner after 7 months apart

A video of one woman's emotional reunion with her dog has been spreading across the Onternet.

Maria Macacioa returned to her parents' home in Markinch, Scotland, Sunday to be reunited with her dog, Sandy.

>> Read more trending stories reported that Macacioa went through a divorce safter a marriage she said was abusive, and left her ex-husband with whom she had been living in Oceanside, California.

"I decided to move back to America because I suppressed a lot of feelings and I had to face them," she said in a Facebook live video. "I was very lost and depressed."

While in the U.S., Macacioa works in Smithtown, New York, as a nanny.

Sandy, a 4-year-old golden retriever mix, searched and sniffed his owner's scent all over the house, finding Macacioa in a bedroom behind a bed.

He barked and howled in excitement as Maria cried happy tears.

Macacioa will go back to Smithtown, but said she would never take Sandy back to the U.S. because of the stress he had while traveling by plane.

"My parents have given him an amazing life and a beautiful home to live in," she said.

Little girl is adorably frustrated that the sun has gone down

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Video of a Brooklyn girl named Naima becoming frustrated by the sun's disappearance is spreading across the Internet.

Naima is the daughter of Ebony magazine senior editor Jamilah Lemieux.

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Lemieux often tweets about her daughter with the hashtag #MiniMilah, and posts pictures of her on Instagram, but a video she shared with her followers Friday has picked up over 19,000 retweets.

In the video, the 3-year-old girl is not at all happy that the sun is gone, but her mother explains to her that it was the moon's turn to come out.

"I want (the sun) to come back," Naima saysin the video.

Off camera, her mother tells her, "He'll come back tomorrow."

"No! It's a girl," Naima says.

"OK. She'll come back tomorrow," Lemieux says. She explains to Naima that it was the moon's turn to come out and that she had to share the moon and the sun with other children around the world.

"No! I don't want to share the sun," Naima says.

"It was still daylight, and by the time we got out, it was dark, and (Naima) commented on it. She was very upset for some reason on this particular day," Lemieux told ABC News.

Lemieux shared an update to the video on Saturday:

Watch the original video below:

Video shows tiger angrily awakened from a cat nap

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A tiger at the Dublin Zoo in Ireland was rudely awakened from a nap by another tiger, and it did not appreciate it one bit.

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Ger Campbell was visiting the tiger exhibit Saturday and caught the tiger's reaction on video.

Maybe the other tiger wanted to play or just wanted to socialize, but the tiger was not at all pleased to be woken up, no matter the reason.

Watch the video below.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Watch what happens when identical twins try a face swap app

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What happens when identical twins try the face swap app?

It is probably exactly what you would expect.

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Identical twins Sergey and Andrew Yarunin from Moscow, decided to record what happened when they tried a face swap app.

Even the Russian brothers had to look closely to see if the swap worked.

At one point, Sergey Yarunin steps in and out of the frame to see if Andrew Yaruni's face changes.

See just how much Sergey and Andrew Yarunin look alike in the video.

Sheriff's deputy gets big surprise after pulling over his own wife

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A sheriff’s deputy was in for a big surprise when he pulled his wife over for a traffic violation.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s department in California shared the video to their YouTube page.

As the deputy approached the car, his wife explained that she was trying to get to work.

He accused her of riding in the carpool lane when there was no one else in the car.

Then, she handed over her paperwork, and and the couple revealed some exciting news.

Watch the video recorded by the couple below:

Monkey takes guy's GoPro and has fun doing it

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Trent Houdek was visiting the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday when he and his friends approached a monkey enclosure.

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Houdek had his GoPro with him and used it to capture his visit.

At the exhibit, one monkey, which Houdek said is a Schmidt Gideon Monkey, took interest in the portable camera.

Houdek's friends can be heard telling him to give the monkey the camera.

When the monkey extends its hand through the cage, Houdek relents, and the monkey takes the GoPro.

The result is an almost three minute of video -- picked up by Mashable -- of the monkey playing with the camera.

The monkey had fun with the camera, holding it as if to take selfies upside down and sideways, and licking the camera to figure out what exactly it was.

At one point, the monkey can be seen tapping the camera as if it is trying to get something out of it.

"What, at the time, was a stressful couple of hours turned into some great footage of a monkey's interest in the camera," Houdek said in a caption of the video.

Watch the monkey play with a GoPro in the video below.

Shelter dog does a happy dance when he is about to eat

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A video of a brown lab mix at a Georgia shelter is quickly gaining views across the Internet.

Kat Tracey works at VCA Pets Are People Too Roswell Animal Hospital, where she helps care for dogs boarded at the hospital and dogs from a nearby Great Pyrenees rescue.

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Mashable reported that, while bringing food to Bond, a brown lab, Tracey noticed the dog did a tap dance of sorts in anticipation for a treat or food.

She posted a video of Bond's dance to Facebook March 3, and various shots of his happy dance have thousands of views on her Instagram page.

When you're so excited about food you can hardly contain yourself. (This is Bond, a rescue from my work)Jukin Media Verified (Original)*For licensing/ permission to use: Contact - licensing@jukinmedia.comPosted by Kat Tracey on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tracey, a pet owner herself, also snaps photos of her German shepherd and lab mix, Bear, who frequently balances things on his head.

Tracey frequently uploads Instagram videos of dogs in the shelter with music playing behind them, but Bond's videos are special because of his cute food dance.

For those who thought Bond was just doing a trick, Tracey assures viewers that this is just his happy dance.

"I don't think you guys understand that this guy literally does this all the time and weighs over 100 pounds." she captioned a second video. "I can never stop working with animals."

I don't think you guys understand that this guy literally does this all the time. And weighs over 100 lbs. I can never stop working with animals.Posted by Kat Tracey on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Baby takes a nap in the middle of race, loses adorably

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A tradition at Sacramento Kings games is getting extra attention because of one sleepy participant.

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Six babies were set down on the court to crawl across from one parent to another during Sunday night's baby race, reported.

The winner got a prize pack from the game's sponsor.

Baby Landon could not be bothered.

Although he was slightly ahead of baby Gemma in the fittingly named Sleep Train Arena, he decided to lay down for a nap halfway though.

And while Landon relaxed on the court, Gemma sprang ahead to win the cross-court dash.

Watch the complete baby race -- and Landon's mid-race nap -- below.

85 items
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