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This compilation features the funniest news bloopers of 2017 — and you need to see it

We’re suckers for goofs, gaffes and mishaps, especially when they happen on live television. Those kinds of errors makes us crack up like nothing else. Add in the fact that it’s happening to news reporters and anchors who are supposed to maintain composure even under the most bizarre circumstances, and that really takes it to whole new level.

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Whether it’s rowdy children intruding on a serious interview or a guy literally vomiting on a reporter, these funniest news bloopers from 2017 so far are definitely worth a watch. They’ll be sure to keep you laughing into 2018.

Amy Schumer demanded that Netflix pay her as much as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

Amy Schumer’s most recent stand-up special, “The Leather Special,” launched on Netflix earlier this year. Schumer had reportedly signed on to make the special for around $11 million. However, shortly after she signed her deal with the the streaming giants, news of lucrative contracts for Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock began to break, with Rock making two specials for $40 million and Chappelle making three specials for $60 million.

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Variety reports that Schumer’s team went back and negotiated for a higher payday, highlighting how much Netflix had offered to Rock and Chappelle and using it as leverage. It’s not been confirmed whether or not she was given an equal paycheck, but she allegedly received “significantly more compensation.”

Income inequality has become a big talking point in recent years, as women and minorities fight for equal pay. The Variety piece features similar stories from a number of female performers, including Emmy Rossum’s efforts to be paid the same as her “Shameless” co-star William H. Macy and the controversy that caused Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim to abandon the rebooted “Hawaii Five-0” series.

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Shortly before he passed, Jerry Lewis appeared on “Comedians in Cars” with Jerry Seinfeld

On Monday, one famous Jerry — Jerry Seinfeld — revealed on Instagram that he had recently filmed an episode of his Netflix series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with another famous Jerry — Jerry Lewis, who passed away last weekend at the age of 91.

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“As I’ve said many times, if you don’t get Jerry Lewis, you don’t understand comedy,” Seinfeld wrote. “Spending an afternoon with him a couple of months ago in Vegas for ‘Comedians in Cars’ was a comedy life moment for me.”

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The series — which moved from Crackle to Netflix earlier this year as part of Seinfeld’s lucrative deal with the streaming service — follows Seinfeld and a fellow comedian as they drive around and chat while drinking coffee (the title is fairly self-explanatory).

Netflix has yet to announce when season 10 will premiere.

Aziz Ansari taught how to make the perfect pizza by one of America’s best chefs

For the second season of his Netflix series “Master of None,” comedian Aziz Ansari learned how to make pasta. You would think that he’d had enough of Italian food, but no.

In this segment, taken from a recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” one of America’s top comics, learns how to make the perfect pizza dough from one of America’s top chefs, Chris Bianco.

Watch the video

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“If you kind of let this just stay and just chill out, and come together, and let the absorption happen, I just find that it leads to a better, more balanced dough, better structure, and just be easier for you to work with,” Bianco said.

“It feels like what you imagine like those implants feel like,” Ansari joked.

Check it out, and maybe you could learn a thing or two about making pizza.

Rejoice! Jerry Seinfeld has new comedy special coming to Netflix

Legendary stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be returning to Netflix with a new hour-long special that promises to “go back to where it all began,” as it will be recorded at the Comic Strip in New York City — the club where Seinfeld’s comedy career began.

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Netflix announced the news — rather creatively —  with a photo collage via their Instagram account.

The new special is part of a lucrative contract he signed with the streaming giants that also involves new episodes of his web show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” as well as another special at some point in the not-so distant future.

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Nothing’s more dangerous than an Aussie swearing at a speedboat

Warning: This video contains foul language.

According to the description on this ViralHog video — which was filmed in Australia — the person who filmed it was “fishing in a quiet, skinny creek,” when a speedboat came roaring towards him.

Watch the video

The speedboat crashes into a tree-covered bank, but that’s not the funny part (although nobody was hurt so you’re definitely allowed to laugh at it). The funny part is the fisherman’s foul-mouthed reaction.

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Shocked by the sight of a huge boat speeding towards him, the Aussie fisherman utters a few profanities that would sound pretty mundane coming from most other accents.

Don’t drive a speedboat unless you know how to, especially if you’re speeding towards an ornery Aussie.

The water bottle prank is amusing when it works, and hilarious when it doesn’t

In this very funny ViralHog video, we see what happens when the reliably amusing water bottle prank goes awry.

This is another case of the prankster becoming the pranked. Although usually, when that happens it’s because the prank’s initial victim decided to turn the tables on their assailant.

Watch the video

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In this case, however, the prankster accidentally pranked themselves. According the video’s description, the prankster in question is a grandma who is trying to soak her grandkids, but when she squeezes the bottle, the water squirts out and hits her right in the face.

Nice try, grandma.

It describes everything from ice cream to fashion, but how did “flavor of the month” originate?

In modern lexicon, a “flavor of the month” is something that’s popular, but only for a short amount of time.

The oldest known use of the phrase comes from a 1930s ice cream advertisement from Sealtest Dairy. Competing ice cream companies often used the phrase to highlight certain monthly offerings and attract more customers.

Watch the video

“Flavor of the month” really took off in the 1940s, when other industries adopted it. By 1947, it was describing everything from relationships to fashion trends.

This proposal prank did not got according to plan, but it all worked out

This video shows us what happens when a ridiculously elaborate proposal prank goes completely off the rails — and then gets back on the rails and has a happy ending anyway.

A boyfriend tricks his girlfriend — an artist — into thinking she has a job interview. He hires an actor to conduct the interview and then dresses up in an unconvincing burqa in order to make his girlfriend think that he’s a Muslim woman.

Watch the video

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The girlfriend is then asked to draw pictures of her burqa-clad lover.

After the actor informs her that she isn’t right for the job, her boyfriend reveals himself and pops the question. But he doesn’t get the answer he’s hoping for, and she appears to reject him.

The boyfriend is briefly dumbfounded, but then, his girlfriend pulls out a ring of her own and asks him to marry her!

The prankster became the pranked.

We don’t literally want actors to “break a leg,” so why do we say it before a performance?

Have you ever been told (or told someone) to “break a leg” before a performance?

Why in the world would we wish harm on people we love?

Watch the video

Actually, the phrase centers around theater superstition. Actors believe being told “good luck” before going on stage actually brings bad luck. Therefore, they say the opposite of what they want to happen.

Fun fact: In William Shakespeare’s time, rather than “good luck,” actors were told to “give birth to a bastard.”

“Break a leg” also means “to make a demanding effort.” In that context, the phrase was first used in an Indiana newspaper in 1942; an article contained the line “whatever the Army or Navy want, the Continental Roll will turn out… or break a leg trying.”

An equivalent German phrase to “break a leg” translates to “break your legs and neck.” That counters the Yiddish version, which means “success and blessing.”

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