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New treatment could be the end of peanut allergy, study says

Allergic to peanuts? There could be new treatment that would eliminate that allergy for up to four years, according to recent research.

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Scientists from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, conducted a study, which was published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health journal, to determine how probiotics could keep peanut allergies at bay in the long term.

To do so, they combined a bacteria called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is known to calm the immune system and reduce allergic reactions, with a peanut protein in increasing amounts for a process known as peanut oral immunotherapy. The mix was designed to alter the way the immune system reacts to peanuts. 

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They then tested it on a group of children, giving some the probiotic and others a placebo once daily for 18 months. 

After analyzing the results, they found that 80 percent of those given the probiotic saw no signs of the allergy after four years, and 70 percent passed an exam that determined that their peanut tolerance was long-term. 

“It would seem that children who have benefited from the probiotic peanut therapy are able to change the way that they live and not have to really worry about peanuts anymore,” Mimi Prang, lead researcher, told the journal. “That’s what’s exciting.” 

Researchers did note, however, that their experiment was limited as it only included a small group. Therefore, more experiments should be done on larger groups. 

Scientists also want to test whether the probiotic could help with other food allergies. 

“Theoretically, it should work for any other allergen that’s also presented with this probiotic,” Prang said. "I think a really important study to do next would be to see if it works in the setting of other food allergies to induce a long-lasting tolerance.”

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Expensive things cost “an arm and a leg” — but why do we say that?

“I couldn’t believe the price! It cost an arm and a leg!”

We’ve all uttered that phrase at one time or another. But how did we determine that unit of measurement?

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According to (a false) legend, “an arm and a leg” has an artistic origin. Back in the day, artists charged more money to paint full-body portraits. Hence, it cost more to have “an arm and a leg” in the painting.

In reality, the phrase started after World War II and has grim roots. Many servicemen paid a high price while fighting for our country — they lost limbs.

The French have a similar phrase that translates to “it costs the eyes from the head.” A Bulgarian equivalent translates to “it costs one’s mother and father.”

Closed for repairs: These 6 world-famous monuments are undergoing some major renovations

Big Ben bonged for the last time on Aug. 21. London’s famous bell will be silenced until 2021 while its home, Elizabeth Tower, undergoes a $77 million renovation.

And it’s far from the first tourist attraction to close for major repairs in recent years.

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Eiffel Tower

One of the most famous structures in the City of Light is undergoing a 15-year, $321 million overhaul. Workers will update the tower’s elevators and twinkling lights, and reinforce it against weather and possible terror attacks.

The Eiffel Tower is repainted every seven years. Per the Guardian, the process takes 20 months and “requires 60 tonnes [sic] of paint.”

Sydney Opera House

This iconic Australian performance venue’s Joan Sunderland Theatre is undergoing its largest upgrade since it opened in 1973. As a result, the theater will be closed for more than half of 2017.

The renovations will cost an estimated $200 million.

Forbidden City

Thanks to many generous donations, Forbidden City’s Yang Xin Dian, or Hall of Mental Cultivation, is having its first renovation in more than a century.

Work on the famed Chinese palace should be completed by 2020.

Washington Monument

Businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein is spending $2-3 million on renovations to the elevator inside this prominent piece of the Washington, D.C., skyline.

The monument is closed to visitors until at least 2019.

Machu Picchu

Peru’s “New Wonder of the World” is in the midst of a $36.7 million upgrade.

Changes include hiring a staff of guides and guards, adding an exit ramp and additional security measures, installing on-site toilets, and more. Work will continue until about 2019.

What happens to your student loans after you get married?

If you’re still paying off student loans when you tie the knot, your repayment plan eligibility may change.

Your and your spouse’s incomes will now be seen as one, rather than separate. That could affect your month payment rate.

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Some lenders will allow you and your spouse to refinance your loans together, which allows either partner to have no current income at all. This is ideal for a stay-at-home parent or a person trying to start a business.

But just know — if you ever get divorced, you’ll still be responsible for paying off your student debt, even if your estranged spouse was a co-signer.

Couple gets engaged on live TV during total solar eclipse

Viewers of KOKI-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, witnessed an engagement live on air during coverage of the total solar eclipse on Monday. 

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KOKI Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott traveled to Prairie Home, Missouri, to be in the path of totality for the eclipse. He met several people that traveled to the area to see the eclipse, including a couple from Dallas. One man told Aydelott he planned to propose during the eclipse. 

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KOKI was live on TV covering the eclipse when the man pulled the woman to the side, got down on one knee and proposed. The crowd turned their attention from the sky to the couple. Based on the tears and kiss, she said yes.

>> Watch the moment here

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“Selling is Service” might be the most cringe-worthy musical training video of all time

This video was uploaded to alcesbrowser YouTube account way back in 2011 — although it looks like it was recorded way before that.

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We’ve written about cheesy training videos before, but this one takes the cringe to a whole new level. It’s awkward, weird and borderline nonsensical. It certainly doesn’t help that no one can sing and they all dance around like they’re zombies lurching around a post-apocalyptic city. At least Jill comes in to add some danger to the musical with her old hoodie and sunglasses.

Its very existence is baffling, and the people who made it should be ashamed.

That being said, it’s absolutely hilarious, and oddly re-watchable. If you can make it through the whole thing, you deserve a medal.

In defense of the fanny pack: Why it’s so much better than a purse

I’m bringing back the fanny pack.

Here’s why everyone mom should invest in one — they’re easy to carry and nearly impossible to steal or lose, they free up your arms, and they fit all your stuff. (And the stuff that doesn’t fit can be kept in the car, because it’s probably not essential.)

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Why do we even have purses in a world where fanny packs exist?

So who’s with me? Who wants to start carrying a fanny pack? Just say the word and I’ll make some Elissa the Mom fanny packs for everyone!

More musings from Elissa the Mom

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This Toronto road rage incident is the most Canadian thing we’ve ever seen.

This hilarious video — which was uploaded to the official CBC News YouTube channel — depicts the most horrific Canadian road rage incidents we’ve ever seen!

The video begins with a jovial Canadian police officer being interviewed on a bridge by the CBC News team. Then, the interview points out a road rage incident unfolding on the road below. RELATED: Here are some of the most quotable quips from the funniest film ever made — “Airplane!” The event that unfolds is — by Canadian standards — so horrifying that it has to be seen to be believed. And the obscenities that fly are very offensive (again, by Canadian standards.) This video is not for the fainthearted. You have been warned.

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Sometimes Jerry Lewis made us cringe, but here’s why it’s okay to like him

When legendary performer Jerry Lewis passed away on Sunday, there was an inevitable tidal wave of condolences. Well wishes poured in from all sides of the entertainment spectrum, and an array of respected comedic minds were eager to let the word know just how much of an influence Lewis had been on their careers.

We lost one of the great ones today…possibly the greatest. Jerry Lewis was one of my comedy heroes & was a gigan… Watch the video — Sean Hayes (@SeanHayes) August 20, 2017

None of this was unexpected, Lewis’ legacy speaks for itself, and he was unquestionably influential on hordes of American humorists and comedic performers. There was just one small problem: Jerry Lewis was kind of a dick.

It’s a terrible thing to type about a person less than a day after their (albeit timely) demise. But it was true. And it’s a persona that the man himself never shied away from. Many who crossed paths with Jerry Lewis in recent times will remember him as a cantankerous old blowhard who held some very unpopular opinions — as well as a few downright offensive ones.

Jerry Lewis says he’s sees women as mothers, not stand-ups. Also against them voting, driving, smoking & frequenting speakeasies! #senile — Lisa Lampanelli (@LisaLampanelli) May 29, 2013 Caring what Jerry Lewis thinks about women comics is like caring that grandpa doesn't like all the loud music today — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) May 24, 2013

Through his long-running series of  Muscular Dystrophy Association telethons, Lewis raised an estimated $2.5 billion and he picked up plenty of plaudits for himself during the process, including the 2009 Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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When he passed away on Sunday at the ripe old age of 91, the White House issued a statement of condolence, which mentioned “his incredible charity work” that “touched the lives of millions.” It called him “one of our greatest entertainers and humanitarians.”

But not everyone agreed:

A majority of disabled people do not consider Jerry Lewis a humanitarian, rather an exploiter. — Rebecca Cokley (@RebeccaCokley) August 20, 2017 rip, jerry lewis. I'm sure all those kids you took advantage of for your telethon won't miss you — batliz (@lizsicle) August 20, 2017

This problematic side of the Jerry Lewis coin, was, for some people, difficult to look past. Which is completely understandable. Some people feel incredibly guilty for continuing to support an artist who they perceive as a morally dubious person.

But is a complete boycott necessary?

Is it possible to despise an artist but adore their work? Many professional wrestling fans will tell you it is. That industry has spat out countless contemptuous individuals from all sides of the political spectrum, but the fans always come back for more.

You can acknowledge the flaws of a talented person, but still enjoy their work. Obviously, we all have our limits, and there’s a line in the sand — nobody expects you to acknowledge that Hitler’s paintings were actually quite good — but you’re definitely allowed to enjoy a Jerry Lewis movie once in a while.

Even if he was a dick.

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10 things every college freshman should know

As the current crop of college freshmen move into their dorm rooms, here are 10 things they should keep in mind to make their first year a success.

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1. Blue lights are a good thing

If you’re in trouble at night, seeing blue lights at the top of a pole means there’s help nearby. These lights, seen on most campuses, are on an emergency pole that has a help and call button on it so you can summon campus security.

2. Talk to your professors

If you’re in a class of 200 students (as many freshman classes are), most professors aren’t going to learn your name. Make the effort to introduce yourself, ask some questions and answer some questions.

Building up a relationship with a professor can help you both in that class and later in your college career as you move into that professor’s more advanced classes.