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WATCH: April the giraffe to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in New York

The impending birth of a baby giraffe has the internet waiting with bated breath.

April the giraffe is getting ready to welcome a calf with her mate, Oliver, at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

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Animal Adventure Park has a webcam in April's quarters, capturing all the moments leading up to the birth. It is updated with a new link every few hours.

April is 15 years old, and this will be her fourth calf. Oliver is 5 years old, and this is his first calf. 

Watch the livestream and see live updates below:

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> <script src="//;border=false"></script> [View the story "UPDATES: April the giraffe to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in New York" on Storify]

Police call dog that ate heroin stash 'one tough pup'

Police in Texas rescued a puppy left in a truck Saturday, after the dog consumed an unknown amount of heroin.The dog was left in truck while its owners were allegedly switching price tags inside a Home Depot. The owners were arrested for "heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing," according to the Carrollton Police Department.

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ONE TOUGH PUP!Our many thanks today to Dr. Stacie Fowler and the staff at North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic for nursing...Posted by Carrollton Texas Police Department on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The dog was taken to North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic for treatment of opiate overdose and is expected to make a full recovery.

Pet lizard waves at owner, startling moment caught on camera

A bearded dragon in a terrarium performs an unusual stunt: When its owner waves, the lizard waves back.

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The unusual waving was caught on video and has now gone viral.

But the pet lizard isn’t really waving at its owner, or maybe it is.

The reptiles, native to Australia, tend to wave their arms more when they’re young, but the gesture could have several meanings. It might be a sign of “recognition” between the animals in the wild, according to the website and a form of communication.

The waving motion could also be a sign of submission. The lizard might wave its arm when approached by a larger dragon or larger animal. 

Must see: Impatient dog honks car horn to hurry owner out of Subway

An impatient dog was just doggone tired of waiting for its owner in a car outside a Grove City, Ohio Subway restaurant, so it did what anybody else would do: It laid on the horn.

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Tim and Yvonne Blankenship were pulling into the restaurant for lunch when they happened to catch the dog, named Diamond, on camera honking the horn incessantly, trying to hurry its owner out of the shop. 

It worked, according to the Blankenships, who told several news outlets the dog wasn’t waiting very long.

The couple posted the video on social media and it turns out this isn’t the first time Diamond has done this. Local residents posted comments on Facebook saying Diamond has been seen around town honking for its owner other times as well.

Dog stolen 7 years ago reunited with owner

A California woman and her dog were reunited on Saturday in North Carolina -- seven years after she said someone stole him.

Early Saturday morning, Kelly Accettola and Bemis reconnected at the Wilkinson Animal Hospital in Gastonia.

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Bemis was microchipped at the time someone stolen him in 2011, and in December a woman in Gastonia found the dog.

The American Kennel Club then sent a letter to Accettola telling her they found her dog alive after so many years.

Accettola flew into Charlotte from San Diego to be reunited with her dog.

A 'very amazing puppy': Family dog brought to shelter with note from child

The Humane Society of Utah in Murray, Utah, receives former family pets on a regular basis, but one dog came in with a notepad full of messages from his one-time human family member. reported that Rhino Lightning, a 3-year-old brindled boxer mix, arrived at the organization last week with a spiral notepad full of information on him for his new family, including that he is a "very amazing puppy" and "striped dream" who "likes sleeping under the blankets" and "loves people" and being able to "run around."

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"The family told our receiving staff the notebook was written by one of their kids," Humane Society of Utah spokesperson Guinnevere Shuster told Today. "It was​ filled with information about Rhino for his new​ ​family​."

According to Shuster, the family said Rhino was too rough with some of the younger kids in the house and "​is unaware of his size."

The child who wrote the note had a request for Rhino's new family: That they keep his full name, Rhino Lightning, and include the last name of his new family. The writer also asks that Rhino gets a bath at least once a month and that he gets "lots of attention."

Shuster said Rhino is nervous inside the kennel at the shelter, but calm and goofy once he's out of it. He's not a fan of cats and can smell peanut butter "from a mile away." Any children in his new family need to be at least 8 years old.

The note writer asks that Rhino's new family makes sure he's safe and tells him "I love and miss him."

The family who adopts Rhino will get a photocopy of the child's notes. The organization takes adoption applications on its website.

 "I love and miss him."Posted by Today Show on Friday, February 17, 2017

Heartbroken dog owner in Utah warns about poisoning symptoms


A heartbroken Utah family is warning dog owners to watch out for poisons that could kill a dog.

The Burrells lost their two dogs last week after a suspected bout of poisoning with antifreeze, a common automotive coolant that is deadly for dogs and humans, too.

>> Read more trending news    The Burrells’ dogs may have gotten into an anti-freeze spill in the melting snow at their neighbor’s home.

Katrina Burrell said they had to watch as the vet euthanized their two dogs following a horrible poisoning attack, that included spasms, nausea and diarrhea, reported.

“I keep a very close eye on my dogs when they are outside in our yard,” Burrell told “They never go out of my sight.” But they did last week for just long enough, the vet believes, to find the poisonous spill in the neighbor’s yard.

One of the dogs tested positive for ethylene glycol, a main chemical in antifreeze.

Dogs are often attracted to antifreeze because it has a sweet smell, but it’s extremely deadly to canines and it can kill them quickly. There’s only a short window for treatment, too, within an hour of a dog ingesting it, according to vets.



One lucky dog in Michigan beat a death sentence through DNA testing

When a Michigan man’s service dog was accused of killing a neighbor’s dog, it seemed like a lost cause to the Jobs family.

Their dog, Jeb, described by the family as a gentle, 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, was taken into custody by animal control officers after the incident last year and spent more than two months in custody, reported.

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A judge ruled at hearing last fall that Jeb was indeed a dangerous animal and would have to be put to death, after the neighbor testified that he found the larger canine standing over the body of his small, lifeless Pomeranian.

The Job family asked the court for DNA tests, agreeing to pay the more than $400 fee to find out for sure whether their dog did the deed.

They were overjoyed when the results came back, exonerating Jeb and proving some other animal had killed their neighbor’s dog.

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The Jobs are glad to have Jeb home, but they told that their beloved service dog is a different animal now and still recovering from the months he spent alone in a cage at animal control.

Some animal-rights activists are calling for regular DNA testing when a dog’s life is at risk in a criminal case, like Jeb’s was.

Pet stores restricted to selling only rescue animals in San Francisco

Pet stores in San Francisco can only sell dogs and cats that come from rescue organizations or animal shelters under new rules passed unanimously by the city’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

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Supervisor Katy Tang sponsored the legislation to amend the city’s health code to restrict the sale of animals of unknown origins.

“Dogs and cats sold in pet stores often come from inhumane puppy and kitten mills that churn out animals with no regard for their health or well-being,” Tang said in a Facebook post.


Yesterday the Board of Supervisors unanimously supported legislation I sponsored to ban the sale of non-rescue cats and...Posted by Katy Tang on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The new rules also ban the sale of dogs and cats younger than eight weeks and require pet stores to keep records that prove where the animals came from, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

“We really do believe that it will send a great message not just in San Francisco but across California, nationwide and, hopefully, worldwide,” Tang told the Examiner.

Ultimately the city hopes the ban will help reduce the number of puppy mills and lower the number of animals in shelters.

Man's pet squirrel unleashes surprise attack on burglar

A burglar who broke into an Idaho man’s house to ransack his gun collection encountered a formidable security force – a pet squirrel named Joey.

Adam Pearl told KIVI that he knew something wasn’t right when he arrived home Feb. 7 and found snowy footprints leading around to the back of his property. Once inside, he found doors opened and scratches on his gun case. A few small items were missing from his home.

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Pearl called police and officer Ashley Turner came out to take a report. She was startled by Pearl’s pet squirrel and asked Pearl if Joey would bite, according to the KIVI report. Pearl said the squirrel normally didn’t bite, but he couldn’t rule it out.

Turner left to investigate the crime, only to return to Pearl’s residence a few hours later with some of Pearl’s stolen merchandise. When questioning the suspect, Turner noticed he had scratches on his hand and asked if he got them from a squirrel. The man said the squirrel wouldn’t stop attacking him until he left the house.

Pearl said Joey is basking in his heroic actions by enjoying his favorite treat – Whoppers candy.

200 items
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