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WATCH: Samford football player Deion Pierre pops the question in epic postgame proposal

This weekend’s best college football moment in the state of Alabama had nothing to do with the Alabama Crimson Tide or Auburn Tigers.

No, that title goes to the Samford Bulldogs.

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Samford, which is a Birmingham-based FCS program that will play at Mississippi State on Oct. 29, took care of Virginia Military Institute 55-21 for its third consecutive victory on Saturday. But even that had little to do with the moment of the week, which goes to Bulldogs LB Deion Pierre for the postgame proposal he orchestrated for his girlfriend.

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You can check out the whole thing here, but be warned that it’s sure to tug at your heartstrings:

>> Click here to watch

Teammates broke out into a chant after the successful proposal: “She said yes! She said yes!”

“I won twice today,” Pierre can be heard saying in the video. Indeed, Deion. Indeed.

Magical nighttime weddings can now be celebrated at Cinderella's Castle

If you ever dreamed of getting married at Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle, now you have your chance. 

Park officials announced earlier this year that couples who want a fairy-tale wedding can get hitched in the East Plaza Garden in the castle's shadow. 

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The weddings will take place during park operating hours.

Disney weddings recently announced that brides and grooms can have weddings after park operating hours at the Magic Kingdom. 

A horse-drawn carriage can take the bride down an empty Main Street to the front of Cinderella's Castle. A reception can be held in Fantasyland.

An after-hours wedding, which is part of the Wishes collection, can accommodate up to 300 guests. The collection, which starts at $12,000, has a minimum of 18 guests plus the couple and can be booked up to 12 months in advance. 

For more information, visit Disney's wedding website.

'Dancing With the Stars' favorites Sasha Farber, Emma Slater get engaged on live TV

On Tuesday night, dance pros Emma Slater and Sasha Farber surprised "Dancing With the Stars" fans by getting engaged on live TV.

>> Watch the moment here

After treating the audience to a dance, Farber popped the question.

“Baby, I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. I love you so, so much,” he said. “Will you marry me?”

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Slater was elated and didn’t hesitate to answer "yes."

As confetti dropped from the ceiling, Bruno Mars’ song “Just the Way You Are” played as the other dance pros and contestants made their way to the stage to congratulate the happy couple.

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Judge Carrie Ann Inaba shared her joy with fans on Twitter.

Beyoncé helps organize surprise proposal, stops concert during 'Single Ladies'

One of Beyoncé's most well-known lyrics might be: "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it."

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The 35-year-old singer stopped her concert in St. Louis on Saturday during the popular song "Single Ladies" to allow a concertgoer to do just that -- put a ring on it.

"I think (there's) somebody I need to bring on the stage," Beyoncé said during the song, prompting unsuspecting fans to scream in the hopes that they'd be chosen to join her.

"Is it you?" she teased, pointing to one audience member. "Is it you?" she asked, pointing to another. 

Before long, a man joined Beyonce and her two dancers onstage, and she handed him the microphone.

The man, John Silver, walked toward Ashley Everett, Beyoncé's lead dancer and dance captain, and embraced her.

"I feel like it's only right to come out here in front of my hometown and show you guys what the epitome of a young woman looks like," Silver told the crowd. "I know that you think don't I express my love to you in front of everybody, so I feel like what better time than now to do it in front of (a crowd of people)? ... Will you marry me?"

The couple embraced before being congratulated by Beyoncé.

A photo posted by Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett) on Sep 11, 2016 at 10:04am PDT

"Let's see if you can do the choreography after that," she said.

Everett, who took a few moments to collect herself, got back into formation and finished the choreography to "Single Ladies," flashing her new ring while doing the movements.

According to her website, Everett, who dropped out of Julliard to dance on tour with Beyoncé, has danced with the singer for the last 8 years and has also shared the stage with Robin Thicke, Usher, Ciara, Ne-Yo, LaToya Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Tina Turner. 

In honor of this years #VMAs another throwback from #2013 #blurredlines with @robinthicke @pharrell & who can forget @mileycyrus in this performance A photo posted by Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett) on Aug 28, 2016 at 8:59am PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

A couple waited 9 years to open this wedding gift

A Michigan couple says they’re glad they waited nine years to open a wedding gift that came to symbolize much more.

"Tonight, we tucked our kids in bed and my husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine on the deck. We were talking about how...Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, August 29, 2016

>> See the Facebook post here

Kathy and Brandon Gunn have been married for nearly a decade. On their wedding day, Kathy’s great-aunt, Alison, gave the new couple a gift marked, “Do not open until your 1st disagreement,” according to a Facebook post by Love What Matters.

Kathy said she and her husband had plenty of “disagreements, arguments and slammed doors” over the past nine years, but they both never turned to the box.

Recently, they were having a glass of wine on their deck after putting the kids to bed.

“We were talking about how excited we were to attend an upcoming wedding in Kalamazoo (where we met and went to college) and discussing what would be the perfect gift for the newlyweds,” Kathy wrote. “So, I thought back to our wedding day… The gift that meant the very most was still sitting in a closet unopened.”

Posted by Kathy Hocter Gunn on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kathy explained that the symbolism of the box came to mean a lot more than what was actually inside it.

“I honestly think that we both avoided turning to the box, because it would have symbolized our failure. To us, it would have meant that we didn’t have what it takes to make our marriage work – and we’re both too stubborn and determined for that. So, it forced us to reassess situations. Was it really time to open the box? What if this isn’t our worst fight? What if there’s a worse one ahead of us and we don’t have our box?!? As my Great Uncle Bill would say, ‘Nothing is ever so bad that it couldn’t get worse,'” Kathy wrote. “All along, we assumed that the contents of that box held the key to saving a marriage.”

Recently, the couple decided to finally open the box.

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Inside were instructions to the couple on what to do after their first fight. Taped to some cash was a note to Kathy: “Kathy, Go get a pizza, shrimp or something you both like.”

Another note and some cash was addressed to Brandon: “Brandon, Go get flowers and a bottle of wine.”

Just before opening the box, Kathy said she had an important realization: “I realized that the tools for creating and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never within that box – they were within us.”

Read more here.

Mystery newlyweds in breathtaking Yosemite pic turn out to be Australian actors, photographer says

The mystery is solved.

Orlando's WFTV has learned the identities of the mystery couple in a breathtaking picture of Yosemite National Park's Taft Point taken by an amateur photographer at sunset.

>> Man seeks mystery newlyweds after snapping stunning sunset photo at Yosemite

It turns out they are a pair of Australian actors, but the photo wasn't a show – Catherine Mack and Rick Donald had just gotten married.

“This special moment was caught by Mike Karas, who we don’t know (at all),” Mack posted on her Instagram account. “He was just taking a sunset shot and we happened to wander into it.

>> Click here to see the post

The story behind this slightly epic shot of us This special moment was caught by Mike Karas who we don't know (at all), he was just taking a sunset shot and we happened to wander into it. Thanks for looking for us far and wide, you certainly caught our attention along with @abc7newsbayarea #ABCla #Sanfrantimes you all know how to get the word out there #thankyou #yosemite #love with our amazing photographers @taylormccutchan @derekcopenhaver A photo posted by CATHERINE MACK (@misscatherinemack) on Sep 6, 2016 at 7:59pm PDT

“Thanks for looking for us far and wide.”

Hawaiian Mike Karas grabbed an amazing shot of the newlywed couple standing on Point Taft along Yosemite’s Pohono Trail.

But when he made it to the spot to meet the mystery bride and groom, they had gone.

Karas went online and posted the picture on his Instagram page, and the search began.

>> See the post here

Do I like #Yosemite?..... I do! A photo posted by Mike Karas (@mike.karas) on Sep 2, 2016 at 1:29pm PDT

He took the picture Thursday, and it took the internet less than a week to do its job.

Mack is best known for her role on the Australian TV show, “Home and Away,” and Donald for “House Husbands.”

Karas told WFTV that Mack reached out to him after seeing a story about the photo on a San Francisco TV station.

An insurance adjuster, Karas was shocked by the public reaction to the photo and his story.

Dozens of news outlets reported on his search, and the photo was shared thousands of times on social media.

Karas is still getting used to internet fame, and while the majority of the feedback he’s received has been positive, he does have detractors.

“It’s crazy, though, some of the negative stuff people are saying,” he said. “Like asking me if I’m giving credit to their photographer, that I shouldn’t have posted this, if it was staged or even my photo. Like all sorts of stuff.

“Welcome to the internet, I guess.”

After messaging online, Mack and Karas had a quick phone conversation about the photo and the uproar it has caused.

The fact that Mack was a TV star in her native Australia made finding the couple even more interesting, Karas said.

“Haha, that part was kind of nuts,” he said. “Someone had mentioned maybe the couple was famous, hence the secrecy, but I didn’t think much of it.

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“I did a double-take when she posted/commented on my photo.”

“That was just a crazy plot twist/ending to this,” he added. “Like you can’t make this stuff up.

“And best of all, though, it was awesome that (Mack) wanted to talk to me, let alone wasn’t upset or anything and loved the photo and the whole story.”

Karas is giving the couple a copy of the photo, but isn’t holding his breath on getting a guest spot on either of their TV shows.

“Hahahaha, I wish,” he said in a Facebook instant message.

Man seeks mystery newlyweds after snapping stunning sunset photo at Yosemite

An amateur photographer is searching for a just-married couple after he snapped a picture of them against a breathtaking sunset at Yosemite National Park in California.

>> UPDATE: Mystery newlyweds in breathtaking Yosemite pic turn out to be Australian actors, photographer says

Mike Karas of Hawaii photographed the mystery couple Thursday at Taft Point along the Pohono Trail, KNTV reported.

"It was surreal," he told the news station. "We had seen the bride and groom walking down, but all of a sudden we saw them out on the ledge as we were shooting other photos and that 'Eureka!' moment just unfolded."

He and his group shared the trail to Taft Point with the couple as they posed for their wedding photos earlier that day, according to The Oregonian.

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"It was just unbelievable," he told the newspaper. "The sunset that night was awesome."

By the time he finished taking his photos, the couple had vanished and Karas was left without any indication of the pair's identity. He posted the photo to Instagram and other friends shared it on Facebook in the hope of tracking down the couple.

Do I like #Yosemite? ..... I do! A photo posted by Mike Karas (@mike.karas) on Sep 2, 2016 at 1:29pm PDT<script async defer src="//"></script>

Father dies days after daughter's wedding in hospital room

After receiving news on Tuesday from the doctors that it would probably be only a matter of a few days before her father would leave her, one bride to be decided to move her wedding so that her father could attend.

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Candice Hammonds was to be married to Thomas Burkett on Oct. 1, but due to her father's failing health, the two shared a bedside ceremony Wednesday.

"People started pulling things together to make this wedding take place in 24 hours," Candice Hammonds' mother, Teresa Hammonds, said.

Upson Regional Medical Center in Thomaston, Georgia, provided Candice Hammonds with a room in the OutPatient surgery area, which had finished seeing patients for the day to get ready.

The ICU nurses removed everything from father Steve Hammonds' room that could be moved and covered his ventilator with sheets to lessen the appearance of the machines.

Not only did the hospital help, but so did a family friend who happened to be a photographer.

"I don't think I have ever experienced so much love and emotion in one room," photographer Julie York Schandolph said. "The way that this family came together in such short time for this beside wedding amazed me."

Teresa Hammonds told WSB-TV that the doctor suspended Steve Hammonds' sedation to allow him to be alert during the ceremony -- explaining that when the pastor asked who gives away this woman, he raised his hand.

"It was the last gift he could give his little girl," Teresa Hammonds said.

Steve Hammonds passed away Saturday morning.

Tuesday evening, I was contacted by a very dear friend and client asking me if I was available for a wedding Thursday...Posted by Julie York Schandolph on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Posted by Julie York Schandolph on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Posted by Julie York Schandolph on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Video: Man surprises girlfriend with LEGO-themed proposal

Finding a unique and meaningful way to propose can be tough for some people, but Ben Anderson decided to go with LEGOs.

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Anderson and his girlfriend, Kirsten Dally, from the United Kingdom were at the movies on a date when a short film made with LEGOs began to play prior to the feature presentation, ABC News reported. In the video, Anderson is portrayed in LEGO form going through his relationship with Dally and ending with a marriage proposal.

To aid with creating the moment, Anderson employed filmmaker Morgan Spence, a 17-year-old who has been featured on television for his LEGO filmmaking skills.

"He had a big plan to propose to his girlfriend in the Electric Cinema in Birmingham," Spence told ABC News. "He wanted me to produce a LEGO animation describing how they met in a film style almost like Forrest Gump sitting on a park bench. It's a bit cheesy, but that just made me like it more."

During the film, Anderson said Dally elbowed him in the ribs and asked me what he had done.

"She was quite overwhelmed," he said.

Dally said, "Yes," and the two are considering placing LEGO figures on the top of their wedding cake, ABC News reported.

Read more at ABC News.

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