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Pastor found with naked, bound man in car charged with lewdness, indecent exposure, police say

Parishioners say Pastor George Gregory was behind the pulpit of his West Homestead, Pennsylvania, church Sunday, just days after police say they found him in a car with a naked man.

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Gregory, the pastor Waterfront Christian Community Church, is facing criminal charges after police said he and another man were found in a car parked on a quiet residential street in Lincoln Place on Friday night.

A neighbor who didn’t want to go on camera told WPXI that his 3-year-old daughter’s bedroom overlooks that part of the road. While he was calling 911, his wife saw one of the men get out of the car completely naked, police said.

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When police arrived, they say Gregory was in the back seat adjusting his clothing while another man was in the front passenger seat naked and bound with rope.

When questioned, Gregory allegedly told police, “We were just playing.” It was consensual and he told police “we meet up from time to time," authorities said.

WPXI went to Gregory’s house for his side of the story, but no one answered Monday. WPXI reached out to church officials for comment but have not yet gotten a response.

Gregory and the other man will be charged with lewdness and indecent exposure.

6-year-old killed by father in murder-suicide, police say

Investigators announced Tuesday that a 39-year-old man killed his son and took his own life at a house in Derry, New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Attorney General began the investigation Monday morning after calling the deaths of Matthew Edmunds and 6-year-old Preston Connor Edmunds untimely. 

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Police were called to the home Monday to check on the welfare of the pair.

Officers had to force their way into the mobile home where they discovered the bodies in a locked bedroom. 

According to police, the room had been sealed from the inside using duct tape and a blanket. Police say they found two charcoal grills in the room containing burned charcoal and ash. 

A sign hanging from the ceiling fan warned officers that they would find the man and his son in the bedroom of the home. It also warned of carbon monoxide levels.

The Attorney General’s Office said autopsies determined both died from carbon monoxide poisoning and the manner of death was murder-suicide. 

Derry officials said Tuesday that Preston lived with his father per a custody arrangement, but the boy was not enrolled in school. 

Edmunds had also deleted his Facebook account shortly before the murder-suicide. 

The family’s 6-year-old son, Connor Matthew Edmunds, died in a pool accident in March 2009. Family friends say Preston’s middle name is in honor of his older brother.

Investigators say they are looking into whether the deaths are connected. 

Accused killer claims victim ‘put hit out on herself’ in Craigslist ad, police say

A Colorado man accused of killing a 19-year-old woman and leaving her body in a wooded area told investigators he did so at her behest -- after she posted a Craigslist ad seeking a hit man for herself, police said. 

Joseph Michael Lopez, 22, of Northglenn, was charged early Friday morning with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Natalie Marie Bollinger, according to officials with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Bollinger, of Broomfield, was found dead Dec. 29 in an unincorporated area of Adams County. 

Bollinger was reported missing by her boyfriend the day before her body was found. Her Jan. 2 autopsy showed that she died of a bullet wound to the head, Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh said during a Friday news conference. 

The victim’s autopsy report, obtained by 7News in Denver, also stated that she had a “potentially lethal level of heroin” in her system at her time of death. The report noted that Bollinger had a history of heroin and methamphetamine use. 

Lopez was arrested Thursday after a months-long investigation, during which Adams County Sheriff’s Office detectives interviewed scores of people and, at one point, described a man named Shawn Schwartz as a “person of interest” in the case. Schwartz popped onto law enforcement’s radar because he posted on Facebook regularly about Bollinger’s case, and investigators had concern over his mental health, 7News reported

Bollinger also posted about Schwartz on Facebook about two weeks before her death, accusing him of stalking her and harassing and threatening her friends and family. It was the last public post on her profile. 

McIntosh said Schwartz, who was arrested Friday in Boulder County on unrelated charges, is no longer though to be involved in Bollinger’s death. 

Investigators also pored over Bollinger’s social media accounts and her cellphone. Reviewing all the data took time, McIntosh said. 

“As you could imagine, a 19-year-old’s social media or phone, there’s a lot of data there,” McIntosh said during the news conference. “So, looking through all of that data, conducting numerous interviews, we were able to develop and identify Joseph Lopez.”

An arrest affidavit obtained by multiple media outlets, including Investigation Discovery’s CrimeFeed, stated that investigators found more than 100 text messages between Bollinger and Lopez on the day she was reported missing. Investigators tied the conversation to Lopez and reached out to him on Thursday. 

“When we contacted him, he did make the comment that he thought that he might know why we wanted to speak,” McIntosh said Friday.

Lopez went to the Sheriff’s Office willingly and sat for an interview with detectives, after which point he was charged with Bollinger’s murder.

The arrest affidavit stated that before questioning even began, Lopez told the investigators he “was sure it had to do with the girl he talked to on Craigslist.” 

According to the affidavit, Lopez told investigators he was browsing the “Women Seeking Men” section of Craigslist sometime after Christmas when he spotted an ad titled, “I Want to Put a Hit on Myself.”

Sheriff’s Office officials would not confirm for NBC News Monday whether that ad existed.

Click here to read the arrest affidavit in its entirety.

Lopez told investigators he responded to the ad because he, too, had suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide before and thought he might be able to help the person who posted the ad, the affidavit said. Investigators said Lopez told them he created a fake “hit man” persona through which he contacted Bollinger and, in a text conversation, agreed to meet her and help her commit suicide.

He said he hoped to talk her out of killing herself once they met, the affidavit said. 

According to the document, Lopez told investigators that he picked Bollinger up at her apartment complex, at which time she told him she wanted to be shot execution-style from behind, so she would not see the gun. When he told her he didn’t have a gun, she offered to let him use the one she had at her apartment and said that he could keep it afterward and sell it, the affidavit stated.

Investigators said that when Bollinger’s boyfriend reported her missing, he reported that his 9mm Glock was also gone. The affidavit stated that Bollinger’s autopsy showed she had been killed with a bullet from a 9mm handgun.

Lopez initially told detectives that when they could not find a location Bollinger thought suitable for her death, he took her home and never saw her again. 

Following a break and a snack of cookies and Mountain Dew, the investigators told Lopez that his cellphone records, including GPS and cell tower pings, showed that he had been at the exact location where Bollinger’s body was later found, the affidavit said

At that point, Lopez told them he was present when Bollinger died, but claimed that he was unable to talk her out of suicide and that she shot herself in the temple. He said he panicked and grabbed her gun and purse and fled the scene. 

Investigators told Lopez that he still was not being 100 percent truthful, according to the affidavit. They told him that Bollinger’s autopsy findings showed she could not have killed herself because the gun was between 1 and 3 feet away from her head when it was fired.

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The document stated that Lopez again changed his story, telling the detectives that Bollinger had convinced him to help her commit suicide. He said that Bollinger knelt on the ground where she was later found, and he knelt with her.

“Joseph Lopez said he and Natalie Bollinger said a prayer together and then he held the gun with both of his hands,” the affidavit read. “He said he was shaking so he decided to turn his head to the right, away from Natalie Bollinger, and he closed his eyes.”

Lopez said he fired a single shot, which struck Bollinger in the head. He said he then took the gun and her purse, both of which he later hid under the spare tire in the trunk of his car, and fled, the affidavit said. 

He did not tell anyone, not even his fiancée, what he had done. 

“Joseph Lopez did tell us that it was eating away at him and that several times, he felt like just calling the police himself and confessing to shooting Natalie Bollinger,” the affidavit said

The affidavit stated that no suicide notes from Bollinger were found, and that family members told investigators she seemed upbeat, both looking forward to acceptance to school and applying to a variety of jobs.

Family and friends did say, however, that she had suffered from suicidal thoughts in the past. 

Lopez is being held without bond in the Adams County Jail. 

Missing Florida teen Kyleigh Kosters found safe after mom's Facebook post goes viral

UPDATE, 3:40 p.m. EST Feb. 12: Missing Florida teen Kyleigh Kosters' family said she has been found safe.

>> Watch the news report here

>> On Jacksonville mom's missing teen Facebook post goes viral

ORIGINAL STORY: Kyleigh Kosters, 13, hasn’t been seen since late Saturday, when she reportedly left through the window of her home in the Mandarin neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived at the family's home at 8 a.m. Sunday and began an investigation

Here are five things to know about her disappearance

1. Kyleigh apparently stuffed pillows under bedsheets to imitate her body. 

JSO said there were clothes on the bed and pillows under the sheets. The window to her room was open, but the blinds were left closed. The screen on the window was pushed out slightly. 

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2. Her family said this is the first time she's run away. 

The family’s home on Lake Fern Drive in Mandarin has security cameras, but Kyleigh was not seen walking away from the house or leaving in a car. 

3. Kyleigh’s dad said Kyleigh had been asking about 'prostitutes.' 

According to JSO, Kyleigh asked her father if prostitutes led a good life. Her laptop had Google searches including “How to find a John” and “what is a pimp.” Her father told JSO that Kyleigh’s biological mother has been referred by Kyleigh as being a prostitute before. 

4. Kyleigh is adopted and has been living with the Kosters for two years. She has no known social media accounts. 

Kyleigh’s father said that he tracks her online activity. Kyleigh’s father added that her social life is “very limited.” 

5. JSO canvassed the neighborhood and found nothing.

Her mother said in a viral Facebook post that she is concerned that Kyleigh “may have taken a bus somewhere.” The post was shared more than 1 million times.

Police: Women beat up store employee over Facebook post

An employee at Family Dollar in Ohio was assaulted after two women became upset that a video of them allegedly shoplifting earlier in the day had been posted on Facebook by the store’s manager, according to a police report.

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Springfield police officers were called to the store about 4:30 p.m. Saturday. An employee told authorities a group of women came into the store asking for the manager, but she wasn’t there at the time.

The group then began to follow the employee around the store. The employee asked them to leave, but they refused and allegedly followed her to the stock room, the report says.

One of the women allegedly punched the employee in the back of the head, grabbed her by the hair and flung her into the stock room, the report says. The woman began punching the victim in the face, while the other kicked her in the face, according to the police report. The employee tried to call police, but the phone she was holding was knocked out of her hands.

The women told the victim the incident was about a surveillance video of them allegedly shoplifting a few hours earlier that was posted on a crime monitor page on Facebook, the report says. The women then left the store.

The victim had visible swelling to her cheek under her eye and one of her front teeth was knocked flat inside her mouth, the police report says.

A manager arrived at the scene and provided video of some of the incident. The manager later received a message on Facebook that read: “(Expletive) take the photo down or you getting beat (expletive) up. Your manager just got her (expletive) beat and you can to. We will come back there every day.”

No charges have been filed at this time due to a lack of suspect information, the report says.

Woman missing for more than 36 hours after car crash found alive in woods

An Alabama woman who was missing for more than 36 hours after crashing her car into a wooded area was found alive Sunday following a massive search by multiple agencies.

Lisa Michelle Holman, 45, of Chelsea, went missing following a crash overnight Friday in a heavily wooded area of Shelby County near Pelham. CBS 42 in Birmingham reported that Holman’s car went down a 20-foot embankment before stopping. 

Pelham police officials reported that when Holman’s vehicle was spotted early Saturday morning, she was nowhere to be found. Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and hundreds of volunteers spread out over the rough terrain.

The search was fruitless throughout the cold, rainy day Saturday, despite efforts that included searching by air with a drone provided by a local rotary club, Vestavia Hills Fire Department officials said. Central Alabama was under a flood watch throughout the day as storms moved through the area. 

The search crews suspended their efforts overnight but started fresh Sunday morning. Holman was found around 8:30 a.m.

Amy Miller, who described herself to the CBS affiliate as Holman’s best friend, told the station that Holman described what happened after the crash.

“She thinks she lost consciousness after the crash, and then she got her purse and shoes and placed them outside the car (and) climbed out through the back,” Miller said. “Once she got out the car, she knelt down to find her purse and searched around and couldn’t find it; it was so dark. Once that happened, she continued to look for her purse and the car was gone.”

Holman told her friend that she found a rock overhang and used it for shelter until search crews found her Sunday morning, the news station reported. 

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Holman’s family said in a statement that she suffered only a few broken bones and other minor injuries in the ordeal. A cameraman from Birmingham’s WBRC captured the moment she was brought out of the woods and loaded onto an ambulance to be taken to a hospital for treatment. 

Holman appeared wet and cold, but otherwise healthy. 

The family said that her rescue was “definitely an answered prayer.”

“Her ability to withstand these injuries, the weather conditions, and the length of time in the woods is a testament to her resiliency,” read the statement, which was released through police officials. 

The family also thanked the emergency responders and multitude of volunteers who helped search for Holman and, ultimately, brought her home alive. 

“We are grateful to be part of a close-knit community that never hesitated when their assistance was needed,” the statement read

One volunteer, Brian Nethery, shared a photo of a young man named Ryan who was walking from the scene barefoot. Nethery wrote on Facebook that the young man walked that way through the woods because he gave his coat, socks and shoes to Holman to help warm her up after she was found. 

Nethery wrote on Facebook that the photo echoed the hearts of all the people who volunteered to find Holman. 

“Hundreds of people selflessly and without hesitation put their lives on hold for one, but to us, that one was our daughter, our mom, our wife and our friend,” Nethery wrote. 

Pelham Police Chief Larry Palmer also issued a statement thanking all involved in the rescue, calling the operation a “true community effort.”

“We are thankful to serve a community where help and support is offered at a moment’s notice,” Palmer said. “We are so happy this situation had a good ending.”

Man shot 11 times, killed while checking flat tires

Atlanta police are searching for the person who shot a father 11 times, killing the man in front of his girlfriend as he checked two flat tires over the weekend.

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Justin Edwards, 34, of Decatur, was shot late Saturday as he and his girlfriend headed home after dinner, according to WSBTV.

When officers got to the scene in the 600 block of Memorial Drive in southeast Atlanta about 11:20 p.m., they found Edwards with multiple gunshot wounds in a parking lot, Officer Lisa Bender said. His girlfriend was not injured.

Edwards was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Witnesses told police Edwards pulled into the parking lot to check on his rear tires, which were both flat, Bender said.

“While checking on the tires,” Bender said, “an unknown suspect approached and shot the victim.”

The shooter ran east on Memorial Drive after the shooting.

It is unclear what caused the shooting.

Edwards’ father, a DeKalb County activist who has fought to curb gun violence for years, believes his son was set up, he told WSBTV

"No doubt in my mind somebody slashed his tires," Joe Edwards said. "I don't know why somebody would want to do that, but we gonna find out."

Edwards, a logistics manager at Lockheed Martin, leaves behind a 4-year-old son, his brother told WSBTV.

Man found dead in home was there for years, police say

A Virginia man found dead in his home following a welfare check had been dead for years before his body was found, police officials said. 

Officers found the unidentified Newport News man’s body on Saturday after a neighbor checking on the man noticed a foul odor coming from inside the home, WTKR in Norfolk reported. The neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, told the news station that the man’s family called him Thursday from California asking him to check on him.

“The nephew called me,” the man told WTKR. “I told him I couldn’t go on Friday because I was going out of town, but I can do it on Saturday.”

After smelling the odor and getting no answer to repeated knocks on the door, the neighbor called police.

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Investigators believe that the homeowner, who was in his late 60s, had been dead for multiple years. The neighbor told the news station he last saw the man about two years ago.

“He was very secluded. He didn’t want to be bothered with a bunch of people,” the neighbor said

Other neighbors told WTVR in Richmond that, when they had not seen the man in several years, they assumed he had gone into a retirement home or moved in with family.

No foul play was suspected in the man’s death. 

Man, girlfriend, mother accused of beating 73-year-old neighbor with baseball bat

A Union County, North Carolina, man, his mother and his girlfriend are in jail, accused of beating their elderly neighbor with a baseball bat over the weekend.

>> Watch the news report here

Police said Eddie Lowery, 30; his mother, Patricia Benton, 49; and Lowery’s girlfriend, Elisha Hicks, 34, assaulted 73-year-old Willie Adams on Saturday night at his home on Bigham Road near Waxhaw.

The beating was so violent that Adams remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Authorities said Benton and Lowery lived a few doors down from Adams, and that Lowery was known to visit Adams often.

Detectives believe Lowery, Benton and Hicks wanted to rob Adams, and the trio went to his home Saturday night and attacked him with a baseball bat when he opened the door.

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Adams was hit repeatedly with the bat before being robbed of his wallet, police said. The three are also accused of breaking the window of Adams’ vehicle and stealing cash from inside.

Adams was found by his cousin around noon the next day and was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

“He wasn’t looking too good, and I called out his name, and he couldn’t talk,” cousin Bobby Bradley said after discovering Adams.

Lowery, Benton and Hicks were charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, first-degree burglary, breaking and entering a motor vehicle, and larceny.

“Our detectives worked together to quickly identify the people responsible for this senseless crime," Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey said. “I am very proud of the work they did. We also need to keep Mr. Adams and his family in our prayers.”

UPDATE: Sex offender convicted of molesting 4-year-old re-elected fire chief of small town resigns

UPDATE 2/12 3:22 p.m. EST: Roger Gilbert Jr. has resigned after it came to light that Gilbert was a registered sex offender, The Associated Press reported

The Corry Journal reported Gilbert quit the department a day after the story was published.

ORIGINAL POST: A man convicted of a felony sex crime against a 4-year-old girl has been elected to his second term as chief of a Pennsylvania town's volunteer fire department, The Corry Journal reports.

Roger Gilbert Jr. of Spartansburg was convicted in 2001 of "involuntary deviate sexual intercourse" for forcing a 4-year-old girl to perform oral sex, according to the Journal. He was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison.

Gilbert, 43, joined Spartansburg's volunteer fire department in 2010 and is not paid for his job as chief. He said he has "changed his life for the better" since his conviction.

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But the victim's mother isn't buying it.

"As fire chief, this man interacts with children,” she told the Journal. “If you were in an accident, would you want this man working on your child?"

Spartansburg Mayor Ann Louise Wagner said she and members of the fire department have known about Gilbert's status as a registered sex offender. She added that she supports their decision to re-elect him as chief.

"I don't know why she won't drop this," Wagner said of the victim's mother.

Read more here.

200 items
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