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The Best of “Roger & JP’s Hottest…”

Check out ALL of the Long Island ladies that have been a part of the fun for the last five years through our photo contests! Relive the memories with us!

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**UPDATED** Best of Heels and Wheels

Best of Roger & JP's Hottest Single Mom

Best of Roger & JP's Hottest Waitress

Best of Roger & JP's Tattooed Goddess

Best of Roger & JP's Boats & Bikinis

Best of Roger & JP's Halloween Hotties

Best of Roger & JP's Hottest LI Bartender

Best of Roger & JP's Hottest Housewife

8 items
Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell's Brutally Honest Song About Alzheimer's

Music legend Glen Campbell makes no secret of his Alzheimer's disease. In a bid to raise awareness about the devastating illness, the five-time Grammy winner and Country Music Hall of Famer went public with his diagnosis in 2011, and embarked on what was to be a 3 to 5 week 'Goodbye Tour' that wound up continuing for a year and a half.

Kevin Bacon

Celebrating the Heyday of the ‘Slasher Film’

They were made with tiny budgets and became cult classics - the good old slasher film.They were often easy to spot back in the day, thanks to lots of gratuitous sex by horny and often pea-brained teens, grotesquely innovative ways to die, and sublimely stupid plots.

Jimmy Page in Conversation

Meet Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page's photographic autobiography, ‘Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page,’ is out. In it, Page tells the story of his life and career in his own words, combined with a handpicked selection of 650 photographs.


WBABe Of The Day

Working too hard today? Take a break and meet your new best friend, the WBABe of the Day! Everyday we’ll have a new hot babe for you to check out.