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Sammy era VH is THE BEST

Rock beats scissors right? Well the Sammy Hagar era VH logo takes down the David Lee Roth Era VH logo. When this came out around 5150 it took its place as the all-time coolest rock band logo. I don’t know about you, but I spent way too much time trying ...

Rock 'n Roll Algebra

Rock n’ Roll Algebra that you can cheat at: Duff + Adler > Axl Rose? Yes. Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff and former drummer Steven Adler were both touring Japan, and their bands happened to play together for a couple shows. So, they got together and jammed out two ...

Video: Led Zeppelin Press Conference 10-9-2012

Led Zeppelin held a Press Conference today and here are some video clips. The band addressed the rumor of their plans to play the Super Bowl halftime show. They talked about the feeling of playing together again and regaining their chemistry as a band. They discussed the effort it took to ...

Appreciating News 12’s finest?

It’s already out there, so are you sick for watching the clips? A user named “duckjammy” keeps a mindful eye on News 12 anchors and reporters and posts a daily clip of what they think is a “fine” camera shot.  

YouTube Ice Bucket Robert Plant

WATCH: Rock Star ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone seems to have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Some were more creative than others. More importantly, some of the most iconic bands/artists have taken the challenge to spread the word about ALS research.

firework safety suit

WATCH: Firework Safety Suit

Got some extra steel lying around? Why not make a fireworks safety suit with it? That’s exactly what this guy did using a process called Hydroforming which is a metal fabricating and forming process, which allows the ability to shape steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and brass.

exasperating kid

WATCH: Kid Finds Mommy's Secret Exasperating

Shanee Gibson Hart, a mother in Fort Lewis, Washington, decided to record her son’s reaction to the news that he’s going to be a big brother for a second time.


WBABe Of The Day

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