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Posted: 3:57 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

The Kid Said What??? 

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By Roger & JP

Children. When they DON'T have command of the English language ANYTHING is possible. - Roger & JP

 Roger & JP

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Watch Lars Ulrich Auditions For Dream Theater

As Lars Ulrich is celebrating his 51st birthday December 26th 2014 I thought we might have some fun.

46 mins ago  

Watch German Cashiers Celebrate Christmas In A Unique Way

Have you ever stood in line at a supoermarket and been annoyed by those blips and bleeps as cashiers scanned the items being purchased?

Kendall Jenner

Woman Crush Wednesday: Christmas Edition

This week "Woman Crush Wednesday" falls on Christmas Eve. So in the theme of the day we will go with women who seem to be aiming to get on Santa's Naughty list while dressed in holiday attire however much or how little.


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