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Posted: 4:39 p.m. Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Van Halen  

Van Halen
Van Halen

By Rocky

1- Everyone knows that Gene Simmons from Kiss saw them and tried to get them a record deal back in the late 70’s. He wanted to change their name though, to Daddy Long-legs, he even designed a logo for them.

2- Eruption…..was an accident! Eddie Van Halen and the band were at Sunset Studios in Hollywood and their engineer Don Landee recorded some of Eddie’s rehearsals on accident. That accident became Eruption, one of Van Halen’s most well-known tracks

3- Even though the DLR era, is looked back upon as the classic days for the band, that version of the band never produced a number one album! It wasn't until 5150, Sammy Hagar’s first album with the band and the first since Roth’s departure after the successful 1984, that a Van Halen album would show up in the #1 spot.

4- David Lee Roth has a pilot’s license for flying helicopters.

5- David Lee Roth practices martial arts and is a bad ass in real life and has kicked the ass of many defending himself; however when some guy decided to break into Dave’s house back in 2003, Dave used a shotgun!

6- Alex Van Halen has only played Ludwig drums, turning down offers from other drum companies, who not only offered him all the free drums he wanted, but they would PAY HIM to play their drums.

7- Eddie Van Halen wasn't ever paid for his guitar solo on Michael Jackson’s Beat It, he played the solo twice, in about 45 minutes total of recording time and left the studio, He only knew the solo was used when Valarie Bertanelli was playing it on her radio.

8- David Lee Roth’s father was a doctor…a very successful doctor, who in the beginning of the band tried to manage them and get them gigs. Nathan Roth's home was featured on the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and his home wasn't bought by his son.

9- Eddie Van Halen’s studio 5150 is a place that Eddie spends a lot of time in , staying inside for days on end. The studio vault has thousands of songs that were recorded and never finished, some dating back to the 80's. Eddie says that he has 20 albums worth of songs just waiting!

10- Alex Van Halen was in a wedding band with his father when Van Halen was recording their first album, Alex would often come to the studio wearing his tuxedo!


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