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Woman Gets Home Depot To Remove Halloween Decoration She Found Offensive

Breanne Hunt-Wells of Toronto, was in her local Home Depot when she noticed the “Scary Peeper Creeper” Halloween decoration.



As you can probably tell, The “Scary Peeper Creeper” is essentially a “peeping Tom” looking in through a window.

Home Depot told CBC News on Monday that it’s pulling the “Scary Peeper Creeper” from all of its Canada stores.

This woman isn’t the first to complain about this display as it has reminded many of the infamous Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo.

The item is still available in the US in stores and on Home Depot’s website.

WATCH: Yankees Fan Loses Ring While Proposing On Scoreboard

Andrew Fox of New Castle, PA had never been to Yankee Stadium before until last night, and now that visit will live on the internet forever.

The Yankees won, beating the Red Sox 6-4, however Andrew almost lost the engagement ring he was going to give his girlfriend.

According to Andrew, the ring popped right out as soon as he opened the box – while he was on one knee – on the scoreboard!

Luckily for him, the ring was found and she said yes.

Here’s the happy couple explaining the situation.



WATCH: Comedian Vic DiBitetto’s Giants Loss Locker Room Rant

WARNING:  Videos below contain NSFW language.  View with caution.

The Giants had a rough day on Sunday against the Redskins.

It started off well, but turnovers and penalties got the best of them and what looked like a win turned into a 29-27 loss.

Enter Comedian Vic DiBitetto…

WATCH: Roger & JP With Vic DiBitetto In Studio

You might know him from his daily social media videos including his most famous:

Similar to his Yankees Locker Room videos:

Here’s Vic’s  Giants Locker Room post-game speech:

Roger & JP’s TOP 10 Tom Hanks Movies

Sponsored By College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!

#10 – Road To Perdition (2002)

#9 – Sully (2016)

#8 – Captain Phillips (2013)

#7 – Philadelphia (1993)

#6 – Catch Me If You Can (2002)

#5 – Cast Away (2000)

#4 – Big (1988)

#3 – Apollo 13 (1995)

#2 – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

#1 – Forrest Gump (1994)

Roger & JP’s TOP 10 Greatest TV Shows Ever

Sponsored By College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!

Rolling Stone Magazine has come up with an updated list of the best TV shows of all-time.  However this list is not as down the middle as other TV lists. “I Love Lucy?” Nope!  “The Honeymooners?” Not on this list.  Same goes for “Happy Days.”

Check out this modified list that includes broadcast and cable shows from 1960 til today.

10. ‘The Daily Show’

9. ‘All in the Family’

8. ‘Saturday Night Live’

7. ‘The Twilight Zone’

6. ‘The Simpsons’

5. ‘Seinfeld’

4. ‘Mad Men’

3. ‘Breaking Bad’

2. ‘The Wire’

1. ‘The Sopranos’


WATCH: Woman Jumps On Purse Thief’s Car At Gas Station

What do you do when a man steals your purse?  Why you chase after him and jump on his car of course!

As unsafe as her actions  were, you otta give Janelle Della-Libera credit for holding on and punching the thief for as long as she did.

Unfortunately, she did get her foot ran over but she is expected to recover soon.

WATCH: Anyone Want A Real Transformer?

We may not have flying cars yet, but we do have cars that turn into robots like Transformers.

Well, at least a BMW prototype thanks to Turkish company Letvision.

See it in action here.

WATCH: “Fake Tom Brady” Fills The Void

With Tom Brady having to start the 2016 NFL Season sitting out the first four games of the season due to his “Deflategate” suspension.

Thankfully, there’s “Fake Tom Brady” to fill the void.

WARNING: Videos may contain NSFW language

Even former Pats Wide Receiver Wes Welker tried out the mask at Sunday’s home opener.


Roger & JP’s TOP 10 “Brangelina” Movies

Sponsored By College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship as we know it, is over.


They were the one of the first celebrity couples to have a celebrity combo name with “Brangelina.”

Here are their best movies that they’ve done together and separately.

#10 – World War Z

#9 – Gia

#8 – Maleficent

#7 – Seven

#6 – Girl Interrupted

#5 – Gone In 60 Seconds

#4 – Inglorious Bastards

#3 – Ocean’s Eleven

#2 – Moneyball

#1 – Fight Club


Are you looking to hear some of the best moments from Roger & JP?  You came to the right place!

This is where we put the best clips of the day for you to listen to whenever you want.

You can also get these clips on the WBAB App.

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9/19/16 – Is It Illegal To Keep A Dead Body In Your House For 10 Years?  A Brooklyn Woman Did Just That: LISTEN

9/16/16 – Comedian Craig Gass Brought Tracy Morgan, Gene Simmons, & Al Pacino With Him This Morning.:  LISTEN

9/15/16 – Mayor Rudy Weighs In On Hillary Being Sick  LISTEN

9/14/16 – Is Brett’s Dream About Carrying A Naked Eli Manning Up An Escalator Normal?: LISTEN

9/13/16 – Would You Pay To See The Rest Of Led Zep With A Different Singer?:  LISTEN

9/12/16 – Here Are The Starting 5 TV Commercial Character Pitchmen:  LISTEN

9/9/16 – An Asteroid Is Heading To Earth And Will Wipe Us All Out. Have A Great Weekend!:  LISTEN

9/8/16 – Sports Radio Mike And The Murph Chime In On The Mets Signing Tim Tebow: LISTEN 

9/7/16 – Will Sex With Robots Be Normal In The Near Future?  LISTEN

9/6/16 – JP Is A Organ Giving Loving Person, Unlike The Rest Of Us:  LISTEN

9/2/16 – Blazing Saddles Is Back In Theaters This Weekend:  LISTEN

9/1/16 – Here’s A Story About A Man Who REALLY Loves A Minature Horse:  LISTEN HERE

8/31/16 – Do You Think Andrew Cuomo Should Receive Flack For Shark Fishing?:  LISTEN HERE

8/30/16 – Standing Up By Sitting Down:  The Colin Kaepernick Story:  LISTEN HERE

8/26/16 – Is It Ok For An 8-Year-Old Girl To Eat A Deer Heart After Killing It? Her Dad Thinks So:  LISTEN HERE

8/25/16 – Here Are The Top 10 Funniest Movies Of All Time:  LISTEN HERE

8/23/16 – Who Are The Starting 5 Role Model Athletes Playing Today?  LISTEN HERE

8/19/16 – Comedian/Actor Chris Monty In Studio Before His Appearance At Governors In Levittown:  LISTEN HERE

8/18/16 – Roger Hates His New Empty Nest. However EVIL Roger Loves It!:  LISTEN HERE

8/17/16 – Talking With Ted Nugent About Sex, Guns, Politics, & Rock ‘N Roll:  LISTEN HERE

8/16/16 – Sports Radio Mike Is Sad A-Rod Is No Longer Playing:  LISTEN HERE

8/5/16 – Here’s Why It’s Fun To Embarrass Your Kids:  LISTEN HERE

8/4/16 – Who Are The Starting 5 Man’s Men In Entertainment Today?  LISTEN HERE

8/3/16 – Are You 1 In 3 Adults Who Are Under 45 Who Still Receives Financial Help From Their Parents?:  LISTEN HERE

8/2/16 – Here’s Why JP Is Choosing His Vacation Over His Son:  LISTEN HERE

7/29/16 – Sesame Street Fired Some Of It’s Legendary Humans. What Were Some Of The Best Kid Shows?  LISTEN HERE

7/28/16 – Remember, When Putting Nair On Your Privates, Not To Put Nair On Your Privates:   LISTEN HERE

7/27/16 – If Your Daughter Is Having Trouble With Her Boyfriend/Husband, When Should The Dad Step In?:  LISTEN HERE

7/26/16 – Missed Dead Guy In The Envelope? Play Along Here: LISTEN HERE

7/22/16 – Lenny Dykstra Calls In To Discuss Drinking, Drugs, & Darryl Strawberry’s Giant Dong:  LISTEN HERE

7/21/16 – If You Found A Guy In Your Car Spanking It To Completion, What Would You Do With The Car?  LISTEN HERE

7/20/16 – Is JP A Bad Parent For Taking His 7 & 9 Year-Old Kids To See Guns N’ Roses?:  LISTEN HERE

7/19/16 – Our Rudy Was Almost As Fired Up As The Real Rudy At The RNC:  LISTEN HERE

7/15/16 – Darryl Strawberry Did What?…And What Does That Have To Do With Wiffle Ball & Steve Bellone?    LISTEN HERE

7/14/16 – Should JP Expect Cash Or Be Happy With Karma For Helping His Friend:LISTEN HERE

7/13/16 – What Was In The Vile That Put A Spell Over JP?:  LISTEN HERE

7/12/16 – Pokemon GO Can Help You Find Dead Bodies & Get You Robbed: LISTEN HERE

6/29/16 – Let’s Go To The BAB Hallway Where JP Is Sprinting To The Bathroom:  LISTEN HERE

6/28/16 – A 12-Year-Old Boy Stole A Bus Then A Van. What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Stolen?  LISTEN HERE

6/27/16 – What Are The Starting 5 Greatest Rock Songs Ever?:  LISTEN HERE

6/24/16 – Roger On The Run: LISTEN HERE

6/23/16 – Cher Is 70. If You Had The Chance, How Old Would You Go?  LISTEN HERE

6/22/16 – Would You Rather Watch Porn With Your Parents Or A Porn Starring Your Parents? LISTEN HERE

6/21/16 – Here’s The Most Important Thing To Teach Your Child And It’s Not Respect:  LISTEN HERE

6/20/16 – Put That Cigar Down And Come Kiss Your Father On The Lips:  LISTEN HERE

6/17/16- Jim Breuer In Studio  LISTEN HERE

6/16/16 – JP Is Uncomfortable Around Stumps & Senior Citizens  LISTEN HERE

6/15/16 – Long Islander, Comedian, Chris Roach From Kevin James New CBS Show “Kevin Can Wait” In Studio: LISTEN HERE

6/14/16 – Screaming, Crying & Accusations. Just Another Day On The Playground With Brett’s Son: LISTEN HERE

6/13/16 – The Great Sperminator:  LISTEN HERE

6/10/16 – What’s The Biggest Beating You Got As A Kid?:  LISTEN HERE

6/9/16 – Are Chain Restaurants Encouraging Kids Using Electronics At The Table?  LISTEN HERE   

6/8/16 – Does Anyone Care ABBA Might Be Getting Back Together For The First Time In Over 30 Years?:  LISTEN HERE

6/7/16 – Paul McCartney Thinks He Might  Be Accidentally Racist.:  LISTEN HERE

6/6/16 – Now That Muhammad Ali Is Gone, Who Are The Starting 5 American Icons?  LISTEN HERE

6/3/16 – How Did Your Parents Mentally Tourture You?: LISTEN HERE

6/2/16 – Will Funk Flex Be At JP’s Daughter’s School Concert?  He Was At Brett’s Son’s!:  LISTEN HERE

6/1/16 – Sports Radio Mike Weighs-In On The Gorilla Controversy: LISTEN HERE

5/31/16 – Is It OK TO Let Your Kid Go Into A Gorilla Exhibit?:  LISTEN HERE

5/27/16 – It’s The Unofficial Start Of Summer Kickoff With Ted Lindner & The Camel Toe Song!  LISTEN HERE

5/25/16 – Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling In Studio. He Plays Brokerage Comedy Club 6/4:  LISTEN HERE

5/24/16 – Is Roger’s Daughter Going To Chile To Be A Med Student Or Be On Ted’s Favorite Porn Sites?:  LISTEN HERE

5/23/16 – JP Thinks It’s OK To Kidnap His Dad To Make Him Do This.:  LISTEN HERE

5/20/16 – You Know You’re Talking About Rich People When #10 On The List Makes $25 Million: LISTEN HERE

5/19/16 – What Are Some Of The Most Cringeworthy Moments In Movie History?  LISTEN HERE

5/18/16 – Best Selling Author and Director Ian Halperin Explains Why The Kardashians Are The Fast Food Of Entertainment And More: LISTEN HERE

5/17/16 – Thought You Couldn’t Get Pregnant Through Anal Sex?  Think Again:  LISTEN HERE

5/16/16 – Don’t Say We Don’t Do Anything For The Ladies:  LISTEN HERE

5/12/16 – Should An Autistic Boy Be Allowed To Take His Sister To The Prom? This School Said No.  LISTEN HERE

5/11/16 – LI Man Wins $1  Milion TWICE. What Does He Know That We Don’t? LISTEN HERE

5/10/16 – Mets Broadaster Murph Never Lied Like That Lying John Sterling  LISTEN HERE

5/9/16 – Would You Not Marry Someone Because Of Their Credit Score?  LISTEN HERE

5/6/16 – Whatever You Give Your Mom For Mother’s Day, It Will Be Better Than Roger’s Gift:  LISTEN HERE

5/5/16 – If People Can’t Call Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce” Anymore, Can Caitlyn Take Credit For Bruce’s Accomplishments?  LISTEN HERE

5/4/16 – Ted Seems To Enjoy Interrupting Great Moments In History:  LISTEN HERE

5/3/16 – Do You Hate “Pop Up Accents” As Much As Brett Does?  LISTEN HERE

5/2/16 – Should JP Get Hair Replacement Surgery Or Just Accept His Scalp Will Forever Get Sunburned?  LISTEN HERE

4/29/16 – It’s been a while since he studied the language… Has Roger prepared at all for a trip to France with his family? LISTEN HERE

4/28/16 – Are there games you played as a kid that would NEVER fly in today’s society?  Especially since some schools are now banning TAG? LISTEN HERE

4/27/16 – Ted’s vacation plans are a little odd… They involve a trip to the mountains with another guy and a set of radio transmitters. LISTEN HERE

4/25/16 – What songs are synonymous with big stadium and arena games? JP has the list! LISTEN HERE

4/21/16 – What Do You Get When You Combine Curt Schilling, Target, & Transgender Bathrooms? A Mess:  LISTEN HERE

4/20/16 – Roger Won’t Be Having Sex On A Plane, But Evil Roger Is A Mile High Club Vet!:  LISTEN HERE

4/19/16 – What Are You Going To Do When The Cicadas Come For You?  LISTEN HERE

4/18/16 – It’s UnBEElievable What Roger Wants To Do With His Spare Time!:  LISTEN HERE

4/15/16 – Here’s Why Comedian Joey Kola And Ted Lindner Hate LED Lightbulbs.  LISTEN HERE

4/14/16 – A New Study Says We Don’t Have To Shower Daily. Stinky Ted Agrees: LISTEN HERE

4/13/16 – Jim Breuer Talks About His Heavy Metal Album & Appearance at Looney Tunes This Saturday: LISTEN HERE

4/12/16 – Why Does JP’s Taint Hurt And What Does Brett’s Hernia & Pizza Have In Common?:  LISTEN HERE

4/8/16 – Ted & Brett Are Supposed To Host A VIP Suite At Sunday’s Islander’s Game. If Ted Shows Up.  LISTEN HERE

4/7/16 – Did Ted Do The One Job He Was Supposed To Do At The Trump Rally?  LISTEN HERE

4/6/16 – Will Ted and Brett Survive The Trump Rally In Bethpage Tonight?  LISTEN HERE

4/5/16 – Roger Is An Upset UNC Fan This Morning.  However Evil Roger Is Thrilled!LISTEN HERE

4/4/16 – What Is The Maximum Age That You Can Still Live With Parents That Are Not Sick?  LISTEN HERE

4/1/16 – JP’s Daughter Is Starting Softball And JP Couldn’t Be Less Ready:  LISTEN HERE

3/31/16  – What Would It Sound Like If “Evil Roger” Did The PA For The Islanders?:  LISTEN HERE

3/30/16 – Another Reason To Hate College Kids:  LISTEN HERE

3/29/16 – Does Roger Have An Evil Side? According To Ted’s Imitation Of Roger, Yes!:  LISTEN HERE

3/25/16 – What Was The First Album That Blew You Away?:  LISTEN HERE

3/24/16 – We Didn’t Send Former BAB Morning Man Bob Buchman A Wedding Gift. Here’s What Bob Thinks Of Us: LISTEN HERE

3/23/16 – Will Ted Lindner Be The Next Judge Judy?  Yes, If We Have Anything To Do With It:  LISTEN HERE 

3/22/16 – JP Is Going Through A Midlife Crisis! Here’s Why: LISTEN HERE

3/21/16 – What Would It Sound Like If Ted Lindner MC’d Your Funeral?:  LISTEN HERE

3/18/16 – Highway Robbery At The Elementary School Book Fair:  LISTEN HERE

3/17/16 – Man Goes Dumpster Diving After Accidentally Throwing $500,000 Ring Away:  LISTEN HERE

3/16/16 – Jim Breuer Met With AC/DC’s Brian Johnson. Did He Embelish The Truth About How It Went? LISTEN HERE

3/15/16 – The NFL Finally Acknowledges Link Between Football and CTE: LISTEN HERE

3/14/16 – Brett’s 5-Year-Old Son Now Likes To Call Him “Brett.”  LISTEN HERE 

3/11/16 – Here’s Why This School Thinks Banning “Tag” Is A Good Idea:  LISTEN HERE

3/10/16 – The Lice Battle, How Not To Be A Mr. Bungle, Primitive Pete, & Remembering To Duck & Cover:  LISTEN HERE

3/9/16 – Will Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Replace Brian Johnson In AC/DC? Let’s Ask Him:  LISTEN HERE

3/4/16 – Mr Skin’s 2016 Anatomy Awards Is Not Your Typical Award Show: LISTEN HERE

3/3/16 – This Teacher Resigned After A Student Steals Nude Photo From Her Phone:  LISTEN HERE

3/2/16 – LI’s Own Cletus “The Hebrew Hammer” Seldin Stops By Before SOLD OUT Star Boxing Rockin’ Fights 22: LISTEN HERE

3/1/16 – Are JP’s Kids Quitters?: LISTEN HERE

2/29/16 – What Will East End Jeremy’s Punishment At Corned Beef & Chaos Be?  LISTEN HERE

2/26/16 – Top 10 80’s Catchphrases! LISTEN HERE

2/24/16 – Does Erin Andrews Deserve $75 Million For Her Hotel Peeping Tom Incidents?  LISTEN HERE

2/23/16 – JP Thinks It’s OK To Bribe His Daughter To NOT Play Softball:  LISTEN HERE

2/22/16 – Roger Told Someone To “Shut The F Up.” Here’s Ted’s Immitation Of That Person:  LISTEN HERE

2/19/16 – Can a Dominatrix make extra money without having to touch ANYONE? LISTEN HERE

2/18/16 – Should Apple be able to hack into your phone? LISTEN HERE

2/17/16 – When Did the “Good Old Days” Die? LISTEN HERE

2/16/16 – Grammy Rundown 2016 LISTEN HERE

2/15/16 – Concussions in the NFL and the Movie “Concussion” LISTEN HERE

2/12/16 – JP’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Got Her First Valentine And JP’s Got The Shotgun Ready: LISTEN HERE

2/11/16 – Are We Still Talking About Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance?  LISTEN HERE

2/10/16 – Guess Which NFL HOF’er Was Hit So Hard He Now Has A Lazy Eye:  LISTEN HERE

2/9/16 – Mayor Rudy DiscuTHes BeyonTHe And Her THuper Bowl PerformanTH:  LISTEN HERE

2/5/16 – Joey Kola with Stand-In Roger And More!  LISTEN HERE

2/4/16 – Here’s How A School Accidentally Named Their New Gym “White Pride” Fitness Room:   LISTEN HERE

2/3/16 – What Would You Do If Your Wife Became Your Husband? Let’s Ask Roger:  LISTEN HERE

2/2/16 – Brett Wants To Know Why Groundhogs Can’t See Their Shadow In The Sun.  LISTEN HERE

2/1/16 – According To You, If Brett Has Hernia Surgery, He’ll Be Out 2 Days To 6 Months: LISTEN HERE

1/29/16 – Would You Ever Suck Ted Lindner’s Feet?  This Guy Did In Our Holy Craps: Wheel Of Death Game:  LISTEN HERE

1/27/16 – Peyton Manning May Be In The Big Game But He’s Didn’t Make This List:  LISTEN HERE

1/26/16 – JP’s Dog Lemmy Got A Taste Of Blood.  Should JP’s Family Be Scared?: LISTEN HERE

1/25/16 – How is Star Trek Not #1 On This List? Have You Ever Heard Of #1?:  LISTEN HERE

1/22/16 – Where Do Dolly Parton’s Breast Implants Rank With Other Celebs?  LISTEN HERE

1/21/16 – Why Do Random Women Think Brett & Other Men Cannot Parent?:  LISTEN HERE

1/20/16 – TOP 10 Wealthiest Black Actresses:  LISTEN HERE

1/19/16 – A Big Snow Storm Is Coming And Brett Is Angry:  LISTEN HERE

1/14/16 – When Did Playing Video Games At Home Become So Hard?:  LISTEN HERE

1/13/16 -Nothing Like Having Twins After Your A Vasectomy.  LISTEN HERE

1/12/16 – Dead Guy In The Envelope:  LISTEN HERE

1/11/16 – What Made David Bowie A Legend?:   LISTEN HERE

1/8/16 – Janet Jackson In The News This Week.  Where Does She Rank On The Top 10 Jacksons List:  LISTEN HERE

1/7/16 – Here’s What WBAB Would Sound Like After Ted Wins Powerball, And Buys The Station:  LISTEN HERE

1/6/16 – Your Underwear Is Special:  LISTEN HERE

1/5/16 – Don’t Call JP Sir!: LISTEN HERE


12/24/15 – This Dead Guy’s Last Name Is On A Lot Of Buildings:  LISTEN HERE

12/23/15 – Comedian Joey Kola Battles Christmas:  LISTEN HERE

12/22/15 – You’re Stressed. We’re Stressed.  Merry F’in Christmas!:  LISTEN HERE

12/21/15 – Roger’s Nephew Gets His Revenge For Giving Plywood As A Gift: LISTEN HERE

12/18/15 – Here’s Why Bill Cosby Is Doing The Suing Now:  LISTEN HERE

12/17/15 – Why Is John Thiessen Crying And Are He And Theresa Caputo Fighting?:  LISTEN HERE

12/16/15 – Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo In Studio Before Her Show @ NYCB Theater This Saturday Night:  LISTEN HERE

12/15/15 – The Sports Pope & Murph Would Like To Chime In On Pete Rose. LISTEN HERE

12/14/15 – Why Is Star Wars As Popular As It Is?  LISTEN HERE

12/10/15 – Should JP Dress Up As Chewbacca To Make His Son Happy At Star Wars Birthday Party?:  LISTEN HERE

12/9/15 – Trump Wants To Ban Muslims Into The Country?: LISTEN HERE

12/8/15 -A Guy Had Sex With A  Campervan Tow Bar.  Here’s How It Happened:  LISTEN HERE

12/7/15 – Do You Have A Tattoo On This List?:  LISTEN HERE

12/4/15 – As A Kid, What Was The Worst Place To Go With Your Mom?:   LISTEN HERE

12/3/15 – Giants Hero David Tyree Called In To Talk About The Catch & The JTCF Holday Gala Tonight:  LISTEN HERE

12/2/15 – Did Leonardo DiCaprio Have Sex With A Real Bear?:  LISTEN HERE

11/30/15 – TOP 10 Biggest Selling Albums Ever.

11/25/15 – Hear Nick DiPaolo In Studio Before His Show This Saturday Night 11/28 At Suffolk Theater:   LISTEN HERE

11/23/15 – If JFK’s Assasination Is #1, What Are The Other Biggest U.S. Conspiracy Theories?:  LISTEN HERE

11/20/15 – TOP 10 Celebrities Killed In Car Crash:  LISTEN HERE

11/19/15 – Dead Guy In The Envelope:  LISTEN HERE

11/17/15 – Pastafarians Like To Wear Colanders On Their Heads In Their Driver’s License Picture:  LISTEN HERE

11/16/15 – Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling In Studio:  LISTEN HERE

11/13/15 – Carlos Mencia LIVE In Studio:  LISTEN HERE

11/12/15 – JP Hates Cauliflower, And His Wife For Trying To Sneak It Into His Food.  Here’s Her Response:  LISTEN HERE

11/11/15 – Roger Got An Extra Surprise During His Prostate Exam:  LISTEN HERE

11/10/15 -You Know This American Dead Woman From Acting And Modeling:  LISTEN HERE

11/9/15 – Roger’s Happy Life Gets A Prostate Exam Today:  LISTEN HERE

11/6/15 – Comedian & Actor Dom Irrera In Studio:  LISTEN HERE

11/5/15 – Should This Dying Fan Be Able To See the New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Early?:  LISTEN HERE

11/4/15 – What Do Charles Wang And Rudy Giuliani Have To Say About Kate Murray Not Becoming Nassau DA?:  LISTEN HERE

11/3/15 – This Woman Attacked Boyfriend With What?  LISTEN HERE

11/3/15 – Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone In Studio Answering Your Questions:LISTEN HERE

11/2/15 – Acting Nassau DA In Studio Discussing Race Against Kate Murray:  LISTEN HERE

10/30/15 – Rudy Giuliani Has Something To Say About Governor Cuomo’s Mets Tickets:  LISTEN HERE

10/29/15 – The Mets Are Down 0-2 In The World Series Yet Jim Breuer Remains Positive.  Kind Of:  LISTEN HERE

10/28/15 – TOP 10 Creepiest Kids From Horror Movies:  LISTEN HERE

10/27/15 – Jim Breuer Calls In To Talk Mets World Series Game 1:  LISTEN HERE

10/26/15 – Is Rewarding Kids For Good Grades A Bad Thing?:  LISTEN HERE

10/23/15 – Is Brett Fighting Domestic Terrorism At Home?:  LISTEN HERE

10/22/15  – The Mets Are Going To The World Series and Mets Announcer “The Murph” Is Here To Celebrate: LISTEN HERE

10/21/15 – Nazis?  In Yapank?  In 2015?:  LISTEN HERE

10/20/15 – Did Amy Schumer Steal Jokes From Another Comedian?  You Decide:  LISTEN HERE

10/16/15 – TOP 10 Sort Of Rock Duets:  LISTEN HERE

10/15/15 – Could You Go Into A Restaurant Knowing A Crazy Person Once Smeared Feces All Over It? LISTEN HERE

10/14/15 – Here’s What Happens When You Sue Your Nephew For Hugging You:  LISTEN HERE

10/12/15 – Is Chase Utley Is The Most Hated Player In Sports Now?  LISTEN HERE

10/9/15 – Where Were You When You Had Your Very First Taste Of Alcohol?:  LISTEN HERE

10/8/15 – A Father Is Gettting Praise For Letting His 3-year-old Boy Dress As Elsa From Frozen.  Should He?  LISTEN HERE

10/7/15 – East End Jeremy Thinks It’s OK To Let His Son Go To The Bathroom Outside. His Son’s Teacher Disagrees:  LISTEN HERE

10/6/15 – The Sports Pope & Rudy Discuss CC Sabathia Going To Rehab:  LISTEN HERE

10/5/15 – Rudy Giuliani vs Rudy Giuliani Can You Tell The Difference?:  LISTEN HERE

10/2/15 – Annoying Woman Yells At Bear Like A Dog To Not Eat Her Kayak And Fails:   LISTEN HERE

10/1/15 – Islanders Fans Hate New Goal Horn. Here’s Ted’s Impression Of The Goal Siren used in the 80s:  LISTEN HERE

9/30/15 – 80’s Music With Ted “Talkup” Lindner:  LISTEN HERE

9/29/15 – Is Appetite For Destruction The Best Rock Album Start To Finish?: LISTEN HERE

9/28/15 – TV Shows That Sneak In Learning:  LISTEN HERE

9/25/15 – Too Many Bunnies, Skin Tags, & Extra Penis’ With Joey Kola: LISTEN HERE

9/24/15 – Does The World Really Need A Period Doll?:  LISTEN HERE

9/23/15 – Remembering Yogi with Rudy Giuliani, Sports Radio Mike, & Willie Randolph:  LISTEN HERE

9/22/15 – Is It OK To Give Police The Bird?: LISTEN HERE

9/21/15 – TOP 10 Actors/Actresses With Most Emmys: LISTEN HERE

9/18/15 – Ted’s Teasing Of JP Leads To JP Tackling Him On-Air:  LISTEN HERE

9/17/15 – Kid Brings Clock That Looks Like Suitcase Bomb To School:  LISTEN HERE

9/16/15 – TOP 10 NFL Bad Asses:  LISTEN HERE

9/15/15 – Petite Woman Makes Living Getting Squashed By Plus-Sized Women: LISTEN HERE

9/14/15 – JP Likes To Playfully Berate His Son While Coaching Him In Soccer: LISTEN HERE

9/11/15 – This Guy Was On A Plane To California On 9/11/01 With Suspected Terrorists On It: LISTEN HERE

9/10/15 – If You Could Be In A Party From A Movie What Would It Be?  LISTEN HERE

9/9/15 – Why Is This Man Screaming & Crying?  LISTEN HERE

9/8/15 –  Dead Guy In The Envelope:  LISTEN HERE

9/4/15 – Tom Brady Is Not #1 On Our TOP 10 List Of Famous Tom’s:  LISTEN HERE

9/3/15 – What Gives You The Chills Every Time You Hear or See It?:   LISTEN HERE

9/2/15 – Hero man saves rack of ribs from apartment fire first…then his family:  LISTEN HERE

9/1/15 – Remember When MTV Didn’t Suck?:  LISTEN HERE

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8/21/15 – Everyone Loves New Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts:  LISTEN HERE

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8/19/15 – Woman Gets Irate Getting Kicked Off Airplane:  LISTEN HERE

8/18/15 – Ted Lindner Fights Back Against News 12’s Erin Colton Who Questioned His News Credibility AGAIN!:  LISTEN HERE

8/17/15 – TOP 10 Latino Actors/Actresses:  LISTEN HERE

8/14/15 – Ted Admits To Sitting Down When He Pees:  LISTEN HERE

8/13/15 – JP Thinks Ketchup Is Orange But Says He’s Not Colorblind:  LISTEN HERE

8/12/15 – TOP 10 Greatest Football Broadcasters:  LISTEN HERE

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8/3/15 – TOP 10 Three-Named Celebs:  LISTEN HERE

7/31/15 – IN STUDIO:  Joey Kola hates nose pickers, waxing, and meets Bill Cosby.  LISTEN HERE

7/30/15 – RIP Cecil The Lion:  LISTEN HERE

7/29/15 – We’re Looking To Find Long Island’s Best Tasting Breast Milk!:  LISTEN HERE

7/28/15 – Can JP’s Father’s Finger Help Ted’s Baby Son Poop?: LISTEN HERE

7/27/15 – TOP 10 Game Shows Of All-Time: LISTEN HERE

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7/22/15 – Some consider this female diner owner a hero, others consider her crazy: LISTEN HERE

7/22/15 – TOP 10 Hottest Female TV Cops:  LISTEN HERE

7/21/15 – Roger reads a powerful message from a Marine following last weeks shooting in Chattanooga: LISTEN HERE

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7/17/15 – What Kind Of Massive Event Is Toronto Holding For Disabled People?  LISTEN HERE

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7/15/15 – Should JP Take His 7 year-old Son To See AC/DC In Concert?: LISTEN HERE

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7/13/15 – Who Is The Greatest Living Rock Star Today?  It’s Definitely Not Kanye West:  LISTEN HERE

7/10/15 – Hear A Dramatic Reenactment Of JP’s Heart Surgery With Dr. Bill Cosby & Nurses Paul Stanley & Bob Murphy:  LISTEN HERE

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7/6/15 – KISS’s Paul Stanley Talks About His New Home Décor Line:  LISTEN HERE

7/2/15 – JP’s High School Ski Trip With His Mullet (See pic on WBAB Facebook Page):  LISTEN HERE

7/1/15 – Yoko Ono Had Sex With Hillary Clinton?:  LISTEN HERE

6/30/15 – Senior Man Hides Prostitute Under His Bed:  LISTEN HERE

6/29/15 – What Did A Woman Offer A Police Officer To Avoid Jail Time?  LISTEN HERE

6/26/15 – Intern Sean Of The Dawn Graduates: LISTEN HERE

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6/16/15 – White Woman Says She’s Black…White Parents Disagree:  LISTEN HERE

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6/12/15 – Carlos Mencia Hanging Out In Studio:  LISTEN HERE

6/11/15 – Man Rubs Fire Ants Nest On Genitals…Pain Ensues:  LISTEN HERE

6/11/15 – Dead Guy In The Envelope:  LISTEN HERE

6/10/15 – Roger’s Virginity Losing Story Is Uncomfortable:  LISTEN HERE

6/9/15 – When Getting Married, Should Guys Take The Woman’s Last Name?:  LISTEN HERE

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6/8/15 – TOP 10 Best Short Male Singers:  LISTEN HERE

6/5/15 – Teacher Told Students To Take Selfies With Parent’s Sex Toys:  LISTEN HERE

6/5/15 – TOP 10 TV Characters Killed:  LISTEN HERE

6/4/15 – Are JP’s Kids Buying Meth In The School Cafeteria?:  LISTEN HERE

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6/3/15 – TOP 10 American Olympic Athletes:  LISTEN HERE

6/3/15 – East End Jeremy Does Caitlyn Jenner Research:  LISTEN HERE

6/2/15 – Caitlyn Jenner Has A Song?:  LISTEN HERE

6/1/15 – TOP 10 Musicians Kicked Out Of Bands:  LISTEN HERE

6/1/15 – Are Dinosaurs Making A Comeback?:  LISTEN HERE

5/29/15 – What Period In Time Would You Go Back To?:  LISTEN HERE

5/29/15 – TOP 10 Dogs From TV & Movies:  LISTEN HERE

5/28/15 – JP Loves Riding A Tractor:  LISTEN HERE

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5/22/15 – The Camel Toe Song: LISTEN HERE

5/22/15 –  Vic Dibitetto In Studio:  LISTEN HERE  or  WATCH IT HERE

5/21/15 – Farewell To Letterman.  What Made Him An Innovator?:  LISTEN HERE

5/20/15 – TOP 10 Celebs Name Dave Or David:  LISTEN HERE   

5/20/15 – JP’s Father-In-Law Ruins Christmas In May:  LISTEN HERE

5/19/15 – We Discuss Great White Shark Mary Lee With A Special Guest:  LISTEN HERE

5/18/15 – Rap Star or Porn Star?:  LISTEN HERE

5/15/15 – TOP 10 Greatest Double Albums: LISTEN HERE

5/14/15 – Give Me IKEA or Give Me Death Metal!:  LISTEN HERE

5/13/15 – TOP 10 One-Word Movie Lines:  LISTEN HERE

5/12/15 – Roger Won’t Let Daughter Wear Black Cocktail Dress To Graduation:  LISTEN HERE

5/11/15 – TOP 10 Best Rock & Roll Movies:  LISTEN HERE

5/8/15 – TOP 10 Best Rock Songs Over Ten Minutes: LISTEN HERE

5/7/15 – Bikegate 2015 – Roger & JP’s Role Reversal: LISTEN HERE

5/6/15 – JP & Bluetooth Don’t Mix:  LISTEN HERE

5/5/15 – Food Porn:  LISTEN HERE

5/4/15 – TOP 10 LIST:  LISTEN HERE 

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