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Crossing guard hit by SUV after pushing woman to safety 

A crossing guard outside a California elementary school was hit by an SUV on Friday morning, moments after pushing a woman to safety, KTLA reported.

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Bob Belanger, 57, was helping a woman cross the street outside Madera Elementary School in Simi Valley around 7:30 a.m. Friday, the television station reported.

Witnesses said that when Belanger saw the SUV approaching, he pushed the woman out of the way before he was hit by the vehicle, KTLA reported.

Belanger suffered “significant" injuries and was taken to a hospital, Simi Valley police Sgt. Steve Shorts told KABC

"The driver did stop, so this is not a hit-and-run investigation, and the officers were able to determine after further follow-up that it does not appear that he was impaired at the time of collision," Shorts told KTLA.

The woman who was pushed out of the way was not injured.

GoFundMe account was started to help defray Belanger’s hospital expenses. Nearly $6,000 has been raised.

Texas officer mistakenly draws gun on students during active shooter drill

A school resource officer at a Texas elementary school mistakenly drew his gun on two high school theater students pretending to act out a hostage situation during an active shooter drill, KTRK reported.

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The officer on the Clark Elementary School campus in Baytown briefly pointed his weapon at the theater students, who were acting as a gunman and hostage during the Wednesday drill, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District spokeswoman Beth Dombrowa said the officer lowered his weapon "almost immediately" when he realized it was a drill, the newspaper reported.

No one was hurt, KPRC reported.

Dombrowa said the officer did not know there was a drill taking place.

"He's a police officer," she told the Chronicle. "He did what he was supposed to do."

The officer heard through the school's intercom system that the campus was being placed on lockdown, KPRC reported.

Dombrowa said the hostage-taking student was carrying a blue wooden handgun, but the officer couldn't see the fake gun at the time, she said.

"You have to commend the officer,” Dombrowa told KTRK. “He responded to what he thought was an active scene and realized almost immediately it was a drill.”

The two high school students acted out their parts in the school’s hallway as elementary school students locked themselves in their rooms, Dombrowa told the Chronicle.

Dombrowa told the newspaper that the district got permission from the student actors' parents before the drill and posted notices of the simulation on its website and sent letters home to parents.

"I suspect there will be some changes that come out of this," she said, later adding, "We learn something every time we do a drill, and that's the purpose for doing them."

Christine Blasey Ford nominated for distinguished alumna award at alma mater

Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor who testified before a Senate panel about sexual assault allegations during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, was nominated for a Distinguished Alumna Award at the University of North Carolina, the News & Observer reported.

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Ford graduated from UNC in 1988 with a degree in experimental psychology. She earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University (1991) and a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Southern California (1996).

Ford was nominated by a group of faculty, students and alumni at North Carolina, WTVD reported.

Jennifer Ho, a professor of English at North Carolina, wrote in her nominating letter that Ford’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 27 “was something that was extraordinary in how ordinary it was: she told the truth about a sexual assault she experienced when she was 15 years old at the hands of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

>> Christine Blasey Ford’s statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Kavanaugh, who was confirmed as the newest Supreme Court justice on Saturday, has denied the allegations.

The nominating letter also recognized “the inordinate courage it took for her to take the moral and ethical stand that she did in testifying about her sexual assault experience in front of the world."

According to the university’s web page, alumni must be nominated by Oct. 15 and must have made “an outstanding contribution to humanity in any walk of life,” The Washington Times reported.

Florida school board member under fire for Facebook posts about rape

A Florida school board member is under fire Tuesday night for some posts she made on Facebook, which she said she stands by. 

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Marion County School Board member Nancy Stacy's Facebook comments include: “I do not consider a whore to be a victim in rapes" and, “If the girls went with a married man to forbidden grounds, they went looking for trouble."

People are speaking out about the posts, some of them showing up to voice their concerns at Tuesday’s school board meeting. 

Stacy is defending the posts and told WFTV’s Myrt Price that this is all politically motivated. 

"I was very shocked and disappointed,” said Kelly Rogers, who lives in Marion County. 

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In one post, Stacy wrote, “All you know what comes in my head is out my mouth. Tired of whores destroying men. Set Bill Cosby free says 'Mama Bear' with sons.” 

The comments have driven some Marion County residents to attend Tuesday’s school board meeting. 

"I would hope that she would be removed, at least either step down, be removed from the board or retire or whatever,” said Michael Ferro at the meeting. 

Price spoke to Stacy over the phone. She confirmed that she made the posts and wasn’t hacked. 

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"I feel that our nation has regressed back to the days when one white person accused a black person of something and he was hung or jailed. Today, one woman can accuse a man of all ethnicities and he can be jailed,” she said. 

She claimed she wasn’t talking about women in general, only prostitutes. 

"I do not believe prostitutes can claim rape and have me believe them,” Stacy said. 

She said she believes she’s the target of politically motivated attacks. 

An online petition is being circulated, pushing for the governor to remove Stacy from office.

Flyers calling Jewish people 'anti-American' surface at California university

Anti-Semitic posters calling Jewish people “anti-American” surfaced in several lecture halls at a California university and was confirmed by administration officials, the Sacramento Bee reported.

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The flyers, distributed at the University of California, Davis, blame Jewish people for all “anti-white, anti-American, anti-freedom” incidents. They display several figures, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California professor Christine Blasey Ford, attorney Michael Avenatti and billionaire George Soros with Stars of David on their foreheads, the Jewish Journal reported. The bottom of the flyers show newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, depicted normally, the Bee reported. 

In a Facebook post, Associated Students UC Davis President Michael Gofman condemned the flyers as “a disgusting anti-Semitic attack.”

“If any Jewish students are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable on campus today, please reach out and I will connect you with the proper resources,” Gofman wrote.

The bottom of the flyer attributes it to the local Stormer Book Club, small organizations that support The Daily Stormer, which is a neo-Nazi website, the Jewish Journal reported.

University Chancellor Gary S. May said in a statement that the flyers’ message was “reprehensible” and against the school’s posting policies.

“To all of our students, faculty and staff, please know I won’t stand for intolerance of any kind,” May wrote.

Transgender middle school student barred from locker rooms during active shooter drill

A transgender middle school student in Virginia was left sitting alone in the gym during an active shooter drill because teachers were unsure of which locker room to shelter her in, an LGBTQ advocacy group said earlier this month. 

A group of concerned parents, friends and neighbors plan to protest at the Stafford County School Board meeting Tuesday night, WUSA in Washington, D.C., reported

Equality Stafford members spoke out about the issue on the group’s Facebook page last week.   

“When the drill began, a particular class of children took shelter in the bathroom/locker room nearest them as they were in PE,” the post read. “One student was prevented from entering either the boys’ or girls’ locker room while the teachers discussed where she should go. The student was forced to watch the adults charged with her care, debate the safest place (for the other students) to have her shelter.” 

The girl was told to sit in the gym with a teacher until the drill was over, the post read. After further debate by the teachers, the girl was told to sit in the locker room hallway, away from her classmates. 

“Let me be clear,” the Facebook post read. “During an event that prepares children to survive an attack by actual assailants, she was treated as if she was so much of a danger to peers that she was left exposed and vulnerable.”

Sherrie Johnson, a spokeswoman for Stafford County Public Schools, told WUSA in a statement that the district’s new superintendent, Scott Kizner, has requested a review of all protocols and procedures “to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect.”

“We take such matters very seriously and they will be addressed,” Johnson said. “The welfare of all students is of the utmost importance for SCPS.”

When a reporter for the news station asked Johnson if the student should have been allowed in the girls’ locker room because she identifies as female, Johnson would only say that policies and procedures are under review. 

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Commenters on the Equality Stafford page were aghast at the teachers’ actions. 

“So, if this had been an actual emergency, would they have let this child die while they tried to identify for this child which locker room would save this child’s life?” one woman wrote

Others questioned why the children were being separated during the mock emergency. A woman who identified herself as a pediatrician called the issue one of “human dignity on all fronts.”

Another woman who appeared to be an elementary school or preschool teacher wrote that the teachers should be reprimanded. 

“The goal is how fast you move, not if you are in the right space,” she wrote. “I had to evacuate 4-year-olds during a tornado and we all went into the women’s bathroom. These kids should have been placed into the closest room, no debate needed. A murderer doesn't care (about) your gender, adopted or born with.”

The Equality Stafford member who wrote the original post wrote that it was “important to highlight that the child’s PE teachers are not the bad guys.”

“They are teachers without guidance in a county without guidance for these issues,” the post read. “They were following that they were told to do.”

One commenter pointed out that schools hold drills to figure out the logistics of keeping the children safe before an actual emergency. He called the criticism of the teachers short-sighted and said that, as the issue of transgender students becomes more common in the schools, incidents like the one at the middle school will become less frequent.

“In a brand-new situation, people stopped and talked about the best solution, so this problem only has to happen once,” the man wrote. “I say bravo to those who took action.”

Kansas City students rescued from bus stranded in floodwater 

Heavy rains in the Kansas City area caused a school bus with more than 20 students to become trapped in floodwaters early Monday, KMBC reported.

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The bus was traveling shortly before 7 a.m. when it became trapped. A caller to 911 said water had seeped into the vehicle and had risen to the third step, WDAF reported. The water rising above the bus steps caused the vehicle to stall out, KMBC reported.

Police and firefighters responded and were able to evacuate the students and driver through the back door of the bus. No one was injured, the television station reported, although the occupants got wet while walking to dry ground, WDAF reported.

More than 3 inches of rain fell in Kansas City on Monday morning, KMBC reported.

Nationwide EpiPen shortage keeping some kids out of school

The nationwide EpiPen shortage is now forcing some children to stay home from school until their medication can be filled, KIRO-TV in Seattle is reporting.

Chiquita Morris said her 5-year-old son, Eden, had just started kindergarten at Spanaway Elementary School in Spanaway, Washington, when she was told by school officials that Eden couldn’t come back until he has an EpiPen.

>> FDA extends expiration date on some EpiPens due to national drug shortage

“Yes, I understand I need to get one, but there’s nothing I can do,” Morris said.

During a nationwide EpiPen shortage, Morris is among those scrambling to find these epinephrine auto-injectors used to treat severe allergic reactions.

Morris said she's been calling multiple pharmacies every day but has had no luck while her son is missing school.

>> FDA approves first generic EpiPen competitor

KIRO looked up the Bethel School District website, and under the health services page, it said: "State law requires children with life-threatening conditions to have a medication and/or treatment order on file prior to the start of school."

Morris said in light of the EpiPen shortage, the school can do more to accommodate parents and help kids stay in school.

“I understand the health concern but I believe the school should have backup EpiPen as well, and not just parents,” said Morris.

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The EpiPen shortage is so bad that in August, the FDA extended the expiration date for some lots of EpiPens by four months.

But the extension does not apply for EpiPen Junior, which is meant for kids weighing 66 pounds or less.

Doctors are advising people who need EpiPens to renew their prescriptions early or get on a waiting list as soon as possible.

Florida boy, 6, hitchhikes home after being dropped off at wrong bus stop

A central Florida school bus driver was placed on administrative leave after a 6-year-old boy was dropped off at the wrong bus stop and was forced to hitchhike home, WFLA reported.

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On Tuesday, Melanie Rain was waiting for her 6-year-old son, Calvin, who was riding for the first time this school year from Southwest Elementary School in Lakeland. Rain said she waited for her son during a rainstorm, but the bus kept going instead of stopping, WTSP reported.

"I was terrified," Rain told WFLA. "I tried to stop the bus driver, but she kept going."

An hour later, Rain got a call from her mother: Calvin was home and safe.

The boy apparently got off at the first bus stop, instead of his proper stop, which was fourth on the route and nearly two miles from his home, WTSP reported. Calvin told his mother the driver spoke Spanish and pointed to the door at the first stop, so the boy got off the vehicle, the television station reported.

Calvin walked in several directions and then realized he did not know how to get home. So, he stuck out his thumb to hitchhike, WFLA reported.

"I thought I was at my neighborhood, but I wasn't," Calvin told the television station.

Rain said Calvin told her, "I put my thumb up, and this lady stopped and helped me," WTSP reported.

A woman in a tan van picked up Calvin and dropped him off after he was able to communicate where he lived, the television station reported.

Rain was relieved but upset.

"What if a sexual predator had picked him up or something?" Rain told WFLA.

The driver, a 14-year veteran of the transportation department, was placed on administrative leave following the mishap, according to Polk County Schools spokeswoman Rachel Pleasant.

"We are grateful that our student is safe, and we apologize for any distress this incident brought to him and his family,” Pleasant said in a statement. “We will determine whether policies and procedures were followed."

Rain said she would drive Calvin to and from school from now on. The boy seemed happy with that decision.

"I don't want to get lost again," Calvin told WFLA

Chance the Rapper pledges $1M to Chicago's mental health services

Chance the Rapper pledged $1 million for mental health in Chicago and an additional $100,000 for 20 public schools in the city, WLS reported.

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The rapper made his announcement on Twitter and in front of Chicago’s health care experts and the city’s educators, the television station reported.

"I'm proud to announce I am pledging $1 million to mental health services in Chicago," Chance told the audience as he introduced his new initiative, “My State of Mind.”

Supporting Chance and his non-profit SocialWorks were stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman and Oprah Winfrey, WLS reported.

"This year, 20 more schools will get $100 K ..." Chance told the audience. "We will be upping the game in terms of equity, in terms of what is rightfully yours. Principals, teachers, we got your back."

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