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Posted: February 06, 2018

Artist creates fake MTA poster that many commuters can unfortunately relate to

By Norman Quarrinton

Public transportation is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it exists, but it’s a curse because it’s almost always incredibly unreliable and generally terrible.

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This paradox is never more evident than it is in New York City. The Big Apple. A city with loads of people. A city that really needs its public transportation systems to function properly if it’s going to prosper.

In fact, a recent New York Times report suggests that the NYC’s dysfunctional mass transit system has most negatively affected commute times for health care workers.

“It makes me angry,” said 54-year-old home health aide Delrisa Sewell-Henry to the Times. “It’s not like we’re sitting around watching TV and doing nothing. We’re doing something. We have to be there on time.”

Is it any wonder that New York City commuters are mad as hell?

Many are so frustrated that they felt comforted by a recently installed piece of street art at the Bleecker Street subway station.

It’s subtle, and also accurate, so it clearly wasn’t put there by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

So where did it come from?

Apparently the piece was designed by Winston Tseng, an artist and disgruntled commuter.

Tseng shared a news report about the poster on his Instagram account:

Instagram Photo

But the piece didn’t just resonate with commuters in the Big Apple. People in other cities were asking for their own versions:

But not everyone was impressed. some people accused Tseng of missing the point:

You can’t please everyone, especially if they live in New York.

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