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Posted: June 19, 2016

When you give Ron Swanson vegan bacon things don’t exactly go well


By Douglas Barclay

By season three of “Parks and Recreation” the NBC show was truly beginning to hit it’s stride, thanks in part to the comedic talents of actor Nick Offerman.

The unknown actor had taken over the part Ron Swanson and turned him from minor character to full on cultural icon in only a few years.

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There are hundreds of clips online of Swanson’s best moments, one however stands out as many people across the world get ready to fire up their grills this summer and cook some meat.

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During what appears to be Swanson’s first trip to a health food store, he passes by a man who is giving out pieces of vegan bacon.

Each time the man offers Ron some, Ron unceremoniously throws it in the trash. The two men go back and forth for a few minutes until the man asks Ron why he keeps throwing away his free sample.

“I’m just making sure no one ever has to eat this,” Ron replies.

Earlier in the episode when Ron enters the health food store, he declares that he comes to such stores “for the same reason that others come to the zoo.”

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