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Posted: November 10, 2017

The first major patch for Call of Duty: WWII arrives on consoles

By Jordan Dollar

Call of Duty: WWII signaled a return to humble beginnings for the franchise when it launched earlier this month. The game is the first in nearly 10 years to be set during either World War – a change that has made its effect apparent in sales. Within the first three days, WWII had doubled the sales made by the franchise’s previous installment, Infinite Warfare, in generating over $500 million in global revenue. That said, the game still launched in a bit of a rocky state  – a problem that the studio addressed today.

In an announcement made over the Call of Duty: WWII SubReddit, the developers at Sledgehammer Games released a summary of the game’s first patch. Amongst a host of general improvements and performance optimizations, a number of exploitable bugs were also removed from the game. More notable, however, were the fixes to match-making, which had been preventing a portion of the player-base from accessing multiplayer at all.

In addition to the above, some of WWII’s more unbalanced weapons have had their stats tweaked. The Walther Shotgun, for example, has had its close-range damage increased, while the hip fire spread of the STG44 has been widened to compensate for its previous effectiveness.

The update will have already arrived for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while a follow-up patch is due tomorrow alongside an update for the PC version of the game. The full patch notes are available to read below. For future news, follow the developers over Twitter @SHGames, or stay tuned to the SubReddit for developer posts and community discussions.


  • Connectivity improvements and optimizations
  • Fixed de-ranking issues
  • Addressed an issue where players encountered an infinite load screen
  • Leaderboard stability improvements and bug fixes
  • General UI improvements
  • Loading optimizations
  • Splitscreen functionality improvements
  • Added new unlock inventory stars to indicate when new items are added
  • Adjusted hit marker audio to be higher default level (note: can be adjusted in settings)
  • Fixed out of world exploits on Gustav Cannon and Sainte Marie du Mont
  • Espionage Basic Training – Reduced painted time from 10 seconds to 6. Made it so only bullet damage paints you.
  • Weapon tuning to allow for one shot kills outside of hardcore mode, enabling challenge completion.
  • Fixed infinite flamethrower bug
  • XP Earn rate tuned in Operation Neptune
  • Fix issue of shotgun variants not appearing
  • Emblem Editor and visualization improvements
  • GameBattles Improvements
  • Fixed Gridiron Ball exploits



  • Walther Toggle Action Shotgun – Damage increased at extremely close range
  • Bren LMG – Increased damage per shot
  • LMG Bipod – Sped up ADS time when in bipod stance


  • BAR Rifle – decreased fire rate and widened hip fire spread
  • STG44 Rifle – widened hip fire spread
  • FG42 Rifle – increased recoil and widened hip fire spread
  • Machine Pistol – decreased damage ranges

SNIPER CLASS – Fixed a bug with all Sniper Rifles zooming to exact center when aiming down the sights.


  • Zombie Map Exploit Fix – clipping into a zombie spawn closet using revive mechanic in Laboratory
  • Fixed Klaus pathing
  • Fixed out of world exploit – The Final Reich

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